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Anyone treating psychosis with Vitamin D?

My son is 23, and started to have paranoid thoughts and to hear things 3 years ago. At that moment my wife and I were devastated and started searching for all possible alternatives and treatments. We came across studies showing the relationship between Schizophrenia and Vitamin D. Coincidentally we were familiar with a treatment called Coimbra Protocol specialized in treating auto-imune diseases with very high doses of vitamin D (we have a relative that has been extremely successful in treating her Multiple Sclerosis with this protocol for the last 20 years). As our reading pointed out to the auto-immune aspect of schizophrenia we made the risky decision to try this protocol on our son instead of using conventional anti-psychosis medicine. To make a long story short, he has been on this treatment for the last 3 years without presenting positive (psychosis) symptoms although the negative (cognitive) symptoms remained the same. His vitamin D was extremely low and inflammation serum indicators high when he started the treatment and they are all normal now. I don’t know what the future holds and if this treatment will produce results for the rest of his life, and we are very curious to hear about any other people who chose this alternative and could share the experience. Thank You.

Hello, My son was diagnosed in 2018 and it was a devastating period in our lives. He had two psychotic breaks before we could quickly get him evaluated and treated. Thankfully, we found a wonderful psychiatrist and began his round of medications to treat paranoid schizophrenia and depression. I also have spent every waking moment doing the research, reading studies and trying to find other alternatives to his prescribed antipsychotics. I continue to supplement him with vitamin D and glycine and keeping his Latuda dose very low. He was originally on respiridone and it was agonizing seeing how it flattened and slowed him down, impairing all of his executive functions. Both do a fairly decent job with his positive symptoms but unfortunately I know I will have to increase his dose because his active symptoms of schizophrenia are slowly returning. It seems that many of these antipsychotics do poorly to target the negative symptoms, like you stated. I will however bring some light and tell you that supporting your son in a stress free, loving home will provide him with the tools to advocate for himself. My son is medication compliant, see’s a psychotherapist every two weeks and is taking 1 online college class locally. These were all goals I hoped we could reach over the past 3 years. We push him to eat and exercise well & he loves to travel. Fortunately we have much family and have taken support through NAMI . This summer I will get him a job coach and hope that he may be able to work very part time. Please find strength through family and friends, make time for yourself as well. We were the chosen one’s to raise our son’s because of our strength and resilience, even if some days it doesn’t feel so. -Rupy Mantini


I agree with you, a non-stress supportive family plays a key role on the outcome. How much vitamin D is he taking? Do you know how his inflammatory indicators look like? (my son’s was very high when it all started). Regarding the negative symptoms, it’s very sad to see that their is nothing new on the treatment front, but at least, being able to avoid psychosis, that seems to contribute to a further of the brain through inflammation, may avoid the worsening of negative symptoms.

Yes also very high, it is just an over the counter supplement of vitamin d. I feel the only way to address the negative symptoms is to create small goals, a routine. A predictable schedule of the day so to speak, we like to travel so pushing him to more uncomfortable situations helps. Again lots of support, therapy , exercise, the social and lack of friends is the hardest part but he seems unfazed by that and prefers to be alone. Taking it day by day…

Very similar situation here (the daily routine, the traveling, the staying alone).Only diference is in the fact that he takes the high dose of vitamin D instead of the regular schizophrenia medicine to avoid the positive symptoms.

How did you have labs drawn to see what his Vit D level was?

Thank you for sharing. I believe my sons psychotic symptoms are directly correlated to his vitamin D levels. My son took vitamin D in the past after he had bloodwork showing him to be deficient (before scz diagnosis). We saw great improvement when he was supplementing. He will only take 5000 iu a day now when urged to do so. I know this isn’t adequate to raise his levels and have told him so. When under stress, our body uses up vitamin D. He is under stress from his daily voices and delusions.

I was diagnosed with ms in 1988 and am familiar with the Coimbra Protocol. I’ve sunbathed for years for this reason. Would you mind sharing how much vitamin D your son is taking and what brand? I told my son about your son last night hoping it would get him to try taking a higher dose.

What do you mean? Just have a doctor request the exam. Any Lab can do it.

Hello, my son is 23 years old and started on the Coimbra Protocol 3 years ago when he started to show his first symptoms (at the time his Vit D level was 17ng/ml -very low). He started to take extremely high doses 100.000iu/day on the first year, 50.000iu/day on the second year and now he is taking 30.000/day. Since he started this treatment he has never taken any schizophrenia drug and has never had a psychotic crisis, but he has not improved a lot in terms of his cognitive behavior.

Very important: you need to have a Protocol doctor supervision to take these high doses and also need to be under a strict calcium free diet. Don’t try this without supervision!

Your son may eventually have difficulties in absorbing vitamin D (like people with MS), as schizophrenia has an auto immune component, and therefore 5000iu will not help.

I hope this helps. Let me know.