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Is anybody or loved one w/sz adding vitamin therapy to meds?

Just wondering if the vitamin therapy is helping or seeing some improvement W/ loved one…Thinking about getting my son to add some vitamins to his medication .

My son has always been interested in vitamins and supplements. He currently takes a good multi with fish oil, additional fish oil, and vitamin B, also resveratrol for his heart. He is a young man, but I think it is good he is taking these things now to protect his health, given all the possible side effects of the medications. I don’t know that it positively is helping symptomatically, but he feels better taking these.

Yes. I go to a doctor who prescribes nutrients to take. I do well.


I take fish oil and a few B vitamins. I feel it when I don’t get the fish oil.

I take EPA fish oil and a multi vitamin and extra vitamin D3

Hi - just to let you know…

We do have new sections covering many of the more researched nutritional supplements that seem to help with schizophrenia. See the links below:



N-Acetyl cysteine (NAC)



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My son was really big on taking supplements for awhile–especially fish oil. There didn`t seem to be any difference for him.

My son takes Melatonin but the kind that also has 5-HTP and L-theanine. We all take it.

I’m working on getting Multi-vitamin and Omega 3 into him daily.

You can also add things to your cooking. Seasonings like cilantro, garlic and turmeric. flax seeds and spinach is great in salad. All these things have high nutritional content. Nuts for snacks. I think almonds, a handful a day are one of the best. My son recently started eating this too.

Sometimes he is taking NAC now. I take it also.

There is also 5-HTP on it’s own however if there is a mood component this can be ifffy as it helps the production of serotonin.

Limiting gluten. Don’t have to go over board but start substituting white bread with whole wheat. Same with pasta.