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Are there specific places that are better to live?

I live in Washington State. The services here for people diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia are not good. I cannot find a psychiatrist in our area at all, let alone one that has experience with someone with psychosis. My son is a grave danger to everyone (himself and anyone he might encounter) when he is not medicated. Currently he is in a different state, where he landed in a psychotic break. The psychiatrist who is treating him has been emphatic about guardianship, but it appears WA is NOT a state that is amenable to that. So…are there states that are better? I am willing to relocate in the interest of protecting my child. Which ones and where?

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I have always heard that living near a teaching hospital is often the best care you can find. We live near University hospitals at Ohio State and they have superb care although my son’s psychiatry is not through there (he is on a waiting list) he gets his care from another place which has been pretty good so far. I would still like his care to be at OSU but the waiting list is very long. He does get his medical care through OSU and they are very thorough.

I second the question.

Washington is actually relatively good (which shows how completely terrible the entire US is for MI care). I base this on per capita amount of money spent on people with mental illness. Also, Seattle area is supposed to be pretty good hospital-wise, according to my relative who lives there.

I did not know they were not amenable to guardianship, but it’s definitely possible:

That said, I also want to know where to move.

I’m in Virginia & we have a teaching hospital nearby, I’ve never had a problem getting an involuntary hold (he’s never been violent or threatening to hurt himself - just not competent to protect himself from harm), and I think he’s in a good program now if he would participate.

They have Intensive Community Treatment programs here if you can qualify.
They have a dedicated psychiatrist & nurse as well as case manager/therapists who will take them places & try to keep them engaged. They have a clubhouse type thing as well. Lots & lots of services if my son would take advantage of them.


@slw where at in Virginia or is it the whole state that has these options? When I was a kid I lived a few years in the Richmond and Petersburg areas. Nice state from what I remember.

I live outside Richmond. My son has been in the hospital in both Petersburg & Richmond.

I know that Chesterfield, Henrico & Richmond have a lot of services once you find them.

I was also a little surprised that some of the more rural communities have the same thing, although you may have to travel a little bit to get them. For example, we have property in Amelia, a rural county one more out from the city. We were thinking we would move there at some point, but maybe not if they don’t have the same kind of services.

Researching it, they do, but several rural counties have one agency to use in Farmville, which is a college town & farming community as the name implies. But, each county does seem to at least have a psychiatrist you can see at the counties local health department.

I’m still finding things out & the state does have a shortage of beds, like most do, but so far, we’ve had really good luck.

My biggest problem right now is that my son doesn’t want to take advantage of what’s out there because he didn’t feel the need for it.

Once I got him into county services instead of private ones, I started finding out more & more about what’s out there.

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We live in VA and I’m hoping to find that kind of support for my son. He’s refused case management from CSB and a private agency. He’s currently involuntarily committed and I’m hoping we can get him to agree to something after this hospitalization, I just don’t know what else is available.