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Psychiatric Hospital vs Group Home

An interesting discussion on the differences at

This is not coming up for me here-I`ll check this out on the Youtube site…thanks!

I don’t know if you would call this a “group home”, but I live in an assisted living center for the mentally ill in Eastern Oklahoma. There is a variety of this type of facility throughout Oklahoma, and, I think, throughout the US. Where I live isn’t bad. It’s not a resort, but it’s not a concentration camp. Some things could be better, but that is the case with everything. I think an assisted living center is the best place for the chronically mentally ill. There is no law that keeps residents here, unless they are court committed, or if their legal guardian says they have to stay here.

Our son is currently living in a small guest house on our property. He is 37 and was diagnosed at age 20. I want him to b able to stay here but when he relapses, the family goes into crisis. I do wonder if he would b better in assisted living, especially as we r older and I worry about when we we r gone. When he is well it’s great. We do disagree a lot about his meds. He recently had his doc reduce one med and now his friends and family say they are worried about his behavior. It’s so hard to address this with him.

They both don’t do any good.

i am also in the same boat with my son living just down the street from me. we live in such a small town that there are no support groups or group homes. The biggest obstacle may be for me that he does not want to go anywhere and that i would have to commit him. I hate to have to wait until an episode appears.

I live in a assisted housing, but I find it a bit weird, that Im here with a bunch of people, some who constantly scream. I have no other options as Im quite poor, and no one to pay the down payment on an apartment. I used to live independently in this condo in the Philippines, that was good!

I am looking at my options for my future.
Both my parents are very old, and I dont think that I could live by myself in the house - I saw a doccumentary on bipolar, and the woman in the film said that many people with severe bipolar decompensate if they live alone.
I am going to talk it over with my brother for my options - Really frightened for the future

Have you thought about finding a roomie?

Are you talking to me @Hatty?
I have been thinking of getting a room mate - actually

Yes, I was talking to you! It seems your home is big enough to share. It could be very nice.