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Rate my new mood Meds!

2.5 mg Aripiprazole (Abilify)
600 mg Gabapentin



If you start tremors stop taking Abilify immediately. My wife has permanent damage from it from just one month of use…

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I hope your wife is feeling well. That is horrible.

I agree…most of these medicines have the most awful side effects. There are so many I cannot take, anymore.

Doctor started me on Risperidone and now changed to Abilify.

I guess doctor thinks it is safer. And, a more broad spectrum medication…to treat my many symptoms.

Just noticed you loaded an actual video. Is this your wife?

yes, in the flesh so to speak…

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What did the doctors say? How did they start?

I am sitting here trying to follow her storytelling…btw!

dystonic reaction, sorry your fucked for life

this was over 10 years ago when it happened, the vid is dated

With all the doctors visits we have…one more bad news is devastating. I hope she was able to cope. She is chatty and looks good. Funny, too. Wish her all the good health.

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Some people said Phosphatidylserine (PS100) can stop tremors. You can try this supplement. But if tremors last for 10 years I don’t know how soon it will be cued.