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My son is now 18 years old and since the age of 13 has been hearing things and then by the time he turned 16 he started seeing things and has now over the last two years demonstrated severe psychosis. He has been hospitalized twice since he was 16. My son has moderate autism and is also cognitively impaired. Since he turned 16 he has been diagnosed with OCD, Depressive disorder, Generalized anxiety disorder, schizoaffective disorder bipolar type and ADHD. So my son is now up to 7 disorders all co-occuring. We have had two MRIs and he is about to have an MRV this Friday. 2 cysts were found in his brain. One in his septum pellucidum and the other in his pineal gland. The one neurologist is saying these cysts were found by accident and neither of the cysts are causing his problems. I need to find doctors willing to accept the possibility that these cysts are symptomatic. Please help.

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Wow I am so very sorry that you and your son are dealing with all of this. My heart goes out to you both. All I can think to suggest is to keep looking for a second opinion and a third or 4th if need be. Be firm in what you believe and and what questions you need answered.

Doctors can be wrong, but seldom want to admit it. If it were me I think I would do that and as much research on my own as possible on the matter, whatever you can find.

Maybe consider seeing an Endocrinologist as the pineal gland in particular is a part of the endocrine system, and also different neurologists and/or psychiatrists specialize in different aspects of their focus. Maybe try to find ones that are more familiar with bio-psychiatry which is about biological based psychiatric disorders. (as I understand it) My best to you going forward. Wishing you strength, persistence, resilience and success.


I agree any growth on the penal gland could cause a problem. A cyst takes up space which applied pressure to the surrounding tissue and displacing it. Get a neurologist to see your son.

Prayers be with you and your son that you may find the diagnosis that is the source of the symptoms and to receive the best treatment available for that diagnosis. Prayers that any and all co-existing disorders diminish with the right treatment. Be well.