Better day today


Today I went to my first appointment with my son to see his counselor. The first thing he said was he thought my son had schizopreniform. I told him I do not agree, as this form of Sz only lasts about 6 months and that my son has had signs for a lot longer. Then I told him about my son passing out before and after he attacked me. This blew his mind. He thinks they should have done a neurology evaluation and that maybe we could be dealing with a seizure or tumor problem. Anyway he doesn’t want to rule out schizopreniform but says he does not think he has Sz. Now I am really baffled. We do know it was not drugs. He does think that the passing of my mother whom my son was very close to may have triggered all this. The doctor and I both agree that this was a phychoic event. He wants us to continue coming together so we can try to get where I can be around my son without all the fear. I do feel better after the meeting today. I was even able to walk out of the clinic with my son alone which was a really big step for me.

Also I let my son come to the house with a friend of his this weekend to see the animals (3 dogs, 1 cat) which he had not seen since the attack at the end of August. That went real well. My anxiety is still high but it seems to be a little better.

All in all things are looking better.