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A little good news

I have not been on here in a while. I guess it is because my son is doing so well now. He was in the hospital last year in April for a major episode that was as bad as when he attacked me before we knew about the sz. We finally got him to take his meds after his girlfriend said meds or move out. Didn’t work when I tried telling him he could not come around me without meds. Guess the girlfriend is number one now. Oh the joy of our children growing up. I am happy to report that we made it a full year without him having an episode. His behavior can still be a little off sometimes but I believe that is just our new normal. This is the longest he has gone between episodes since being diagnosed in 2013. I am so proud of him for continuing to take his meds and go to therapy. I think he likes the new therapist better also. I only hope this lasts but will take what ever I can get. I never thought we would get this far, what a blessing.


I am so happy for you and your son…I hope remission is long lasting.


That is great news and I’m so glad to hear it.

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Soak it up, enjoy every single minute of wellness with your son. We all know you deserve it.

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Thanks for posting this good news!

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