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Blood tests for Seroquel

Yesterday, I took son for his regular blood test to check for any issues related to medications.

It was long overdue. I know…and we couldn’t put it off any longer.

When I find out that this is supposed to be a fasting blood test.

We have never been asked to fast first. No biggie…the lab agency said they will do the blood draw anyway and just make a note.

BUT, while I’m waiting, I google about Seroquel and a fasting blood test. I discover it’s to determine if the Seroquel has affected his sugar metabolism, etc. Hmmmm, this means that it’s important then to measure accurately.

I asked the lab if what they thought about this? They THEN agreed…we split the test into one draw for the main testing request, and I’ll return Friday for the fasting ones.

Anyone else experience this? His “numbers” on the blood tests are starting to concern the Dr’s. I don’t know what this means yet. Perhaps they will have to change meds? I do not want that. We are okay with what’s being used right now. Still, if there’s damage that could be happening, then we must.

He’s never been asked to do a fasting test before. I’ll have to ask the Dr if it was ordered in particular when we go back in. (Two weeks from now.) Should we have been doing the fast and that’s why his “numbers are off”?

Wow…someone on fb pointed me in this direction.

Remember that he said his heart was beating really fast, and he wanted to lay down?

This is old though…2013.

Many anti-psychotics have the potential side effect of weight gain and diabetes. It is common practice to check for problems that might signal the development of diabetes.


Yes - all the medications cause, to some level, weight gain and blood glucose issues. Many people taking these drugs also take Metformin which helps prevent diabetes and weight gain:




Thank you!

And now I add 20 characters.


pdoc called last night (don’t you love it when they call back promptly? I know he’s busy…)

He said so far his VitD is very low, and that’s normal with the situation. To add a supplement.

We’ll do the fasting test tomorrow morning.

Ahhhh, I can relax.
After all, the pdoc is on top of this, and I have more information than I did prior.

It feels okay today.
Thank you for the sources!!

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My grandson vit d gets low then he needs to take 50,000 units. Low vit can lead to depression