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Seroquel medication

My 14 year old daughter overdosed on several bottles of different pills this past Sunday and has been diagnosed with Chronic schizophrenia spectrum with psychotic disorder same as my 24 year old daughter and 23 year old son. The doctor at the mental health institution put her on Seroquel, Since she came home Saturday she has been so sleepy and moody and zombie like at times so far I’m hoping this gets better anyone familiar with this medication? On a good note she is brushing her hair and wearing deodorant which I could never get her to do :slight_smile :slight_smile:


My sz son has never taken it but I was prescribed it myself for chronic insomnia and mood stabilization and I loved it for making me sleep very soundly without waking up a dozen times during the night and I felt very "at ease"during the day like I could handle what ever came my way. Everyone reacts so differently to every med. I had to stop taking it though because I am diabetic and it made my glucose numbers go through the roof. Since then I have found other alternatives. The truth is it can take a few weeks to get use to any of these meds and your daughter may not seem so groggy as she gets accustom to it…if she stays too groggy for too long I would discuss it with her doctor. I am so sorry to hear that you have to contend with 3 loved ones with mental illness, it is a handful even with one, I wish you and your family the very best.


Thank you for your reply, Hopefully in a few weeks she will be better with the medicine. She is sleeping much better at night, before her episode she was up 24 hours at a time and then she would crash for a whole day the insomnia was out of control since the hospital she has been sleeping very well at night (8 hours). Now if I could just get her brother to sleep! :confused:

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Similar experience here: Seroquel at first caused sedation and grogginess, but that resolved to regular sleep after a few weeks.


Sounds like this could be a good thing. I’ve been trying to get my girl back for so long I am excited to see what the weeks will bring :slight_smile:


Yes, but gets a little better after their on it for a year or two…

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What dose did they put her on? My son was put on that when he was hospitalized and he came home in the same condition, but the dose they had him on, it was no wonder. I believe it was 150 mg in the morning and 250 mg at night. The hospitals here must all adhere to the same motto, “drug them up and move them along…quickly and out the door.” There is no thought to getting them to a point of a better standard of living. It is very annoying to me. Last two hospitalizations, they didn’t even tinker with the meds he was on. If they were working, would he be there? Doubtful…Personally, I don’t think Seroquel is a good med if the child is trying to function like going to school, doing homework, having some form of a social life. It’s too medicating and you’re right, makes them zombie like. I couldn’t get my son up for school and too many absences don’t bode well here. Just my two cents worth. It may have its place when someone can’t sleep and has been up for days or is extremely agitated. But for everyday treatment, I think there are better meds out there.

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Seroquel didn’t work for my son - it was the first drug they tried.

They went from 300 mg/day to 900 mg/day very quickly and he didn’t react much at all. It calmed him slightly, but did not put him to sleep.

Then, they put him on Zyprexa and you could see a noticeable difference in about 48 hours.

It’s amazing how different these drugs work for different people.

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My son has been on Seroquel since last December when he was newly diagnosed and in the hospital. He was nocturnal so the Seroquel helped him get the sleep he was deprived of for so long and helped him get back on a more normal sleeping pattern. He was very sedated coming out of that 3 week hospital stay but at least he was sleeping through the night again. It also stabilized his mood and helped settle down his agitation. He’s still on it I think at 800 mg along with a biweekly injection of a different antipsychotic and is really doing much better overall.


My son was on seroquel. He would sleep for 15hrs on this medication.