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Both autisim and schizophrenia


my brother has autism and schizophrenia he’s not getting help and he’s just living with his issues he doesn’t even know he has issues and thinks he’s normal he walks around making noises all the time and one time he came to my grandma and sad that he did not know what was wrong with him and that he wanted help. He go’s off in a daze every now and then. He thinks people are saying things they aren’t and he hates noise in less its his own and I hate watching him go threw this its so sad I want him to get help I am praying for him and I hope others are to!


He is asking for help-great!!
Start with his doctor, and go from there.
Check with social services and get some reccomendations from there.
Also check for a local NAMI support group in your area. There is all kinds of info. on this site.
sounds like he does know that he needs help.
How old is your brother?
I am certaintly praying for your brother.