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Brother has schizophrenia, now sister?

My brother and sister are 10 and 12 yrs older than me. My brother was diagnosed shortly after he turned 19. My mom is his primary caregiver now and it’s very hard to be around him due to the fact he self medicates with drugs and alcohol and mom mom helps him. My sister and I are pretty close, my kids are older than hers but still close in age. Last year she was having trouble at the school with other parents bullying her and kids bullying my nephew, so the now go to my kids school and are thriving. We noticed my sister continues to be paranoid that people are talking about her, following her home from the stores. Social media just riles her up and she ends up blocking my daughters from her because " they know someone that knows someone that wants to harm her". My kids know she is sick, hers kids and husband know but how can we get her to know and get help? I don’t want to lose my sister but I will lose her if she doesn’t get help. Her husband tried but was unsuccessful in talking with her. Also I want to add the horrible thought that I may also get late onset schizophrenia and scared out of my mind at the thought of it.

You should have a family intervention and sit down and talk to her about what she’s feeling and how you guys are concerned. That asides, she should be taken to a doctor to be evaluated to get an official diagnosis and proceed with treatment.

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