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Younger siblings what's happening?

Continuing the discussion from What is your relationship to the person you care for?:

How old were you when your older sibling was diagnosed? Did you understand at the time? Are you friends with your sibling now? How is your sibling doing?

I was 6 when I first heard the word Schizophrenia, and I had no idea what that actually meant. My oldest brother was 17 when he ended up being taken to the hospital. As far as thinking my brother wasn’t like everyone else? I don’t think it dawned on me. I have 4 older brothers, and out of the 4, my oldest brother is the one who gave me the most attention.

So what if he could actually see his imaginary friends. I do remember when he told me he was starting to hear voices. My 6 year old self thought he was developing sonic hearing and listening to the neighborhood.

It was confusing and sad to watch my brother come out and be put back in hospital as much as he was in the beginning. His drug years were the darkest times, those were the ones that hurt my heart the most. Even then, he always tried to be nice to me.

Things got worse before they got better. Eventually, they did get better. It took a while, but it did happen. My brother got put on different meds, got put in therapy, which in my humble opinion, really helped him a lot, and still does.

I got put in therapy, which helped me a lot. Caregivers and family members need help too.
Therapy helped us repair and forgive our worst times with each other and stay friends.

He got the hang of being med compliant and I got the hang of being more patient, and now he has a job he likes, he’s in school and life is really opening up for him. I have my favorite brother back.

For all the younger siblings, I hope your family is healing and I hope for the best for us all.

Thank you for letting me post.

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Nice post Riley.