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Brother's Employment at Risk


Hello New Online Friends,

My brother has his first part-time job in 6 years. It’s given him a sense of dignity and hope. He’s been working for about 3 months and had his first blow up with a co-worker and has received a warning.

Each time he gets a position he has lost it due to his challenges in dealing with anger.

Because of workplace laws related to disabilities, would it be to his advantage to bring in his employment specialist to help with the situation or is it best just to let things play out. It seems like his boss is tolerant and has experience working with individuals with special needs. He is getting anger management therapy once a week with his psych tech, but not sure how effective it will be.



My son has had the same issues in the past with employment. He had a job earlier this year that lasted about 4 months, and his boss was quite supportive. When they went out of business he was recommended for another job working with one of his old bosses. That didn’t go so well for him, but for the first time ever he actually put in a 2 week notice and worked out the time. I wish he would agree to working with an employment specialist, but he’s quite stubborn about doing things “on his own” as he puts it. If your brother is agreeable to having someone help him I think it would probably be best. We can all use help sometimes, if it’s there take advantage of it!! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your kind reply, Amy.


He’s not learning. He has to learn to control that temper. What makes him so mad? If you learn what triggers him maybe he will agree to work on it. (I have the opposite problem by the way). Is he aware that he is repeating the same behavior over and over? Without learning from it? They probably say all this in anger management. I assume he’s half-way intelligent if he can go through the hiring process successfully. Appeal to his intelligent side. They probably say this in anger management too. Boy I wish I could exchange some of my passivity for some of his anger and vice-versa, lol.