Call Me Crazy...a great movie


I’m not sure where to best put this recommendation. I thought since it’s a movie that touches on the topics of various mental illnesses that it should go under here because it sort of gives a small glimps into what many of us go through…not that we all have the same problems, or the same goal as the main character, but its her living her life despite having an illness. Along with everyone else in the movie who is supposed to suffer from some form mental illness. Right now you can watch it for free on streaming netflix (or rent it if you don’t have the stream version. Also you can buy a stream version from Amazon. I really enjoyed it, thought I’d share.

Call Me Crazy: a Five film It tells the story of a woman suffering from Schizophrenia and tells the tale of at least four other people suffering from mental illnesses, from severe depression, bi-polar, to PTSD. It’s really worth the time to watch, I highly recommend it.

staring: Jennifer Hudson (Dream Girls), Sofia Vassilieva (TV series Medium), Brittany Snow (John Tucker Must Die), Jean Smart (TV show, Designing Women), Melanine Griffith (Loita), Chelsea Handler (Chelsea Lately), James Avery (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), and Ernie Hudson (The Crow)… great cast, great movie.


How hard is it to watch? I’m currently Netflix binging on The Killing and Breaking Bad. If I get exposed to any more anxiety I might have to take a Xanax. Obviously it isn’t going to be super pleasant but is it really bad?


I have this but I haven’t watched it yet.


It’s pretty intense it made me cry when I watched it.


Some may find it a bit emotional, but I didn’t have a problem watching it.