Camh - Raising the Bar and Offering Hope

Not to minimize the very real impacts of illnesses like schizophrenia, the reality is many of the patients I see can successfully engage in recovery. It may take several years, but some experience a total remission of symptoms and many more are able to have rich lives despite some aspects of the illness persisting. But the first step is to have higher expectations for those with schizophrenia and know that will lead to better outcomes.

I strongly believe in this philosophy. I have read the “this is like diabetes, and can never be cured” and didn’t agree with it. I plan my future as if I have one. School is a big help to me too. It definitely makes me feel more hopeful than if I didn’t go to school.

My Mom would say this… Expect better and you will get better.

She always expected better. Not like, expected me to do better but expected a better outcome for me.