Has anyone else's psychiatrist talked about a cure for schizophrenia coming soon?

I mentioned to my 22 year old son’s psychiatrist that I had read that NAMI says there will be a cure for schizophrenia within 10 years. The psychiatrist said to my son that there would be a cure within a couple of years and he would be one of the first to get it. This has given me so much hope. My son suffers everyday from this disease and looking at a lifetime of it was so daunting to me and so hopeless to him. It is still vey difficult for me to keep him on his medication and keep him from giving up on life, but now I have a glimmer of hope. I just hope that this is true.


I think I read that on NAMI too, but then saw a date that said by 2013 on the page I looked at.

I haven’t read it anywhere else.

Please keep us posted about anything you find - that’s almost too much to hope for.


Now that you mentioned a date, I went back and looked the article up. It was published in 2003. Now I don’t know whether to be sad that the date has come and went with no cure or excited that it must be soon. I was thinking that NAMI wouldn’t say something like this if it was not likely, but maybe I’m wrong.
I can only hope that his psychiatrist was right when he told us that in a couple of years it would no longer be treated by psychiatry, but would be a condition treated in neurology.

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There are lots of reasons to be hopeful - new research into stem cells and new medications and brain research. But just keep focused on small incremental improvements and enjoying life in the shorter term. You never know what will happen in the future - medical research tends to take longer than you want or expect.


We don’t know what’s going to happen.

Not ever.

I would give my life for a cure.

Maybe good things will happen:) Being hopeful is the only way forward. It’s the only way to make it through even one day.

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From your lips to God’s ears!!! Thank you for sharing.

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It is hard when we are hoping for a date to come. I believe that doctors and scientists will learn more about our human brain and will one day find a cure for schizophrenia. On the other hand, I also believe that people suffering from schizophrenia in some small ways learn to adapt and live through it. My daughter has schizophrenia and is currently undergoing home based treatment. I am with her everyday and I can feel her sadness, fear and anger. I also feel her love, her kindness and her generosity towards others. While the journey is long and hard, I feel blessed as well.

God be with you.