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Can anyone bullet point "im not ill and i don't need help"

Sorry to be too lazy to read it right now but really feel experience in the family of mi just covers it all accross the board already
Still get it wrong etc …

Maybe you could find an audio book version?


The emphasis is on the relationship between you and the MI person, building and maintaining trust. Amador has had success using a method he calls LEAP (Listen, Empathize, Agree, Partner) to do this. I think he made some Youtube videos that explain it.

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Hi again, three,

I Am Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help has a lot of great ideas, but the thing is, they take time. The methods need to be practiced and practiced over and over. If I used what Dr. Amador suggests with my husband, I estimate I might make a little bit of headway in a few years, might convince him to see a therapist or psych doctor…maybe. This method takes a lot of work, a lot of patience and time.

You and I, I am getting the idea, are not in a position to leisurely take our time with helping our loved one. We are looking for relief and we are looking for concrete help now.

You are obviously desperate. Do you have any resources where you live? Have you looked to NAMI for help? Been to Al Anon meetings? You might consider seeing a therapist on your own, for suggestions on keeping yourself on an even keel. I am seeing a therapist in less than two weeks for this very same reason.


Watch 30 minute youtube beyond the glass ceiling doctor Xavier Amador. Should pretty much tell you.

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I think time is the only thing that will help us to build up trust
thanks for your reply
we have been on this a long time
no real idea to go next
maybe she needs to go floridly psychotic and end up just without an option
she has no options now
she seems to have a slow burning psychosis that if she told me (recovering schizophrenic) i would probably just go along with it
but it is not happening

It is sad that the best we can offer our loved ones is “there are no options,” but that seems to be common these days.

I hope that her “slow burning psychosis” burns itself out soon and that she can take a look at what happened and find help for preventing another psychosis.

In the meantime, take care of yourself and be reassured that you care about her and want the best for her. :orange_heart: