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Can’t convince my husband I am not lying

I’m overwhelmed. I love my husband, we have a great friendship a lot of the time, we can talk for hours. He has past relationships where women have cheated on him. Every time I slip up and am gone too long or type something incorrectly or say something without thinking or we get into a fight, he latches onto it and says I am cheating on him. I have never so much as looked at another man or women in the entire time we’ve been tighter and years before nor would I ever. I have been dishonest about small things like forgetting things or checking things when I didn’t because I just didn’t want to fight or not talking about something I bought then hiding it because I used to get yelled at about that a lot in my past, but I have tried to fix that. I don’t hide things any more, I try to always be as honest as I can be but still he does this with accusing me of cheating and lying, is there any thing I can do to make this better?

I’m reading Surviving Schizophrenia. This rang a bell because in Chapter 2 Torrey describes something called Delusional Disorder, which does not “meet the full criteria for schizophrenia”.

Torrey writes: Such delusions may be … “delusions of jealousy (.e.g. the belief your spouse is being unfaithful)…”

I suppose the treatment is the same as for the delusions of schizophrenia: medication and therapy. It sounds like medication and having a marriage counselor present would be helpful.