Can you take a medication again malignant syndrome

My son is in the hospital and the psychiatrist gave him seroquel. Other doctors said he could not have it again. His psychiatrist at home found out and wants to call him. He put him on 18mg invega. She said no one takes 18 mg. she is calling this doctor.

Thats rotten! I would be at the hospital to make sure he doesnt get that. I hope the psych doctor gets in touch with the doctors in the hospital.**

They put him on Seroquel and 18 mg of Invega? Recommended maximum dose of Invega is 12 mg.

What happened for him to be in the hospital?

The doctor admitted to me he did not read his social history. He claimed he was trying to get him to sleep. I wrote all over the paperwork he had a malignant syndrome. He was so suprised when I told him the third time he could not have seroquel. The nurses made a mistake on invega. These people act like oh well. I am angry He was in the hospital because voices took over. He lit candles and I was afraid he would burn mothers house down. We took candles and he burned paper on stove. He was discharged home.still hearing voices bad. this was a wasted trip to hospital.