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Looking for suggestions re meds

Can anyone share any tips that helped you get a loved one back on meds? We have tired everything with my brother and have hit a wall.

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Our son has been hospitalized multiple times. He was given Invega shots and recently said he would take Seroquel instead. So far, so good. I take it to him at night when he is nearly asleep and give it to him with water. I think he is taking it because he is sleeping all night. I don’t talk about it at all during the day. Good luck and I know how frustrating it can be.

My son finally agreed to the ACT program and I think it is helping him stay present. I would look into that in my state. Assertive Community Training.


Wishing you much luck with the Seroquel and the ACT, Mom.

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Something you often hear on this forum, and something our son’s psychiatrist often said to our son was “medication can help you avoid another hospitalization”.

Another thing I’ve read on this forum, from a person diagnosed with scz, is that we need to be careful not to use hospitalization as a threat.

I say to my own son…”That must be awful to think that. Medication can help you not to feel that way/not to be scared”.

Other than that, it’s an ongoing challenge for so many of us with loved ones with anosognosia. We just have to wait it out until the next forced hospitalization and forced medication.


I agree, or to help you sleep well and wake up feeling great.

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My mom had a relapse recently and refused meds. We then put the meds in her drink every morning and night. She got better to the point of realising she needed her meds. Its a process but it has to be done.

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