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Update on my 24 year old Szo son


Update: My son has been in the hospital for 8 days. He had been hospitalized 3 times. This is the longest he has been in the hospital. I am very heart broken. He has refused medicine up until yesterday. They wouldn’t force med because he wasn’t a harm to himself or others and because he was quite and hiding his delusions. He told them he wasn’t sick and he didn’t need any medicine. On yesterday, he lost it and was out of control, so they force him Meds. Has any son/daughter was given a shot by the name of Invega? I’m just sad on today.


Sorry to hear the challenges that you and your son have been going throught. Let us know how the medication works for him. Here is more information about Invega.


I just found this post again; maybe he the meds will help. I hope they work for him.


@SzAdmin Thanks for the information
@Hereandhere I pray that it does… God bless you all…,


Dear myson, I hope everything is going okay for your family.


@Hereandhere, Thanks for asking. My son is still in the Hosiptal. He is very paranoid and has gotten into 2 fights with patients. He said they was talking about his mama(me).
My son was commited against his will because he was a harm to himself. We visit him on today and he is very calm. He’s a little delusional, but he’s sable, but he is still saying he’s not sick and he don’t need medication. . The doctor has order for him to continue the Invega Shots. This is very hard for our family. Our daughter is in college and it sadden her to see her oldest brother like that… Bless us all!


This sounds like things are more positive - which is good to hear. The trend is positive. I hope it keeps getting better for your son.



Thanks, We visited him on Saturday again. He looks and sound great. He’s still a little delusional. The social worker contacted me via email and said he would be release on tommorrow. The social worker said he’s calm and has been willing to take his medication. I am hopeful that he will continue the monthly shot once he leave the hospital. I will keep everyone updated on him. This site has really helped me this past 2 weeks because I thought I was about to lose my mind. Thanks and. God bless us all!


This happened to my son, and we have now had six months on depot shots and that is six months of him studying, getting healthy and growing more sociable. He still doesn’t want to continue with the meds. I reckon he will come off them at some point, and get sectioned again. But for every psychosis followed by a stable stage on meds, the contrast gets greater and more convincing. i guess he won’t be able to deny he needs them soon.

So getting detained can be a mixed blessing. it is tough and humiliating, but the forced meds give people a taste of how it feels to be functioning better.



My son says the same thing. He’s very calm and cooperating while in the hospital, but he says when he leaves the hospital he’s not take the shots. I will not force him, but if I see he’s getting out of control or a harm to others. I have no problem with having him committed, because I know in the hosptal he would be safe.@Hatty How is you keeping you son med compliant?


My son went to his follow up appointment on yesterday. My husband remind him on Wednesday about his appointment. In the past, after he was discharged from the hospital, he wouldn’t follow up with his appointments, On yesterday, I told him we would be living at 4pm because his appointment was at 5. He put clean clothes on and was ready by 3:45… I am liking the Invega so far. He is still saying he’s not sick and don’t need the medication. When he say that, I don’t push and convince him of why he need his treatment. I just say "ok, it’s your choice, but behind every choice there’s
consequences. I am learning by reading "I’m not sick, I don’t need help"and it helps me not to stress myself out and I don’t want to stress him. I do have a question? He’s sleeping a lot. He went to bed at 8 pm on yesterday and sleep for 12 hours. Should I be concerned? What are some good vitamins for him to take?


It’s great that he is home and went to his appointment.

You are right that his treatment is up to him while you can be supportive by giving rides, etc.

Sleeping alot is normal and could be part of healing from psychosis, which takes a long time, or a normal side effect of medication. I would not be concerned about that much sleep unless there were other related difficulties. Does it bother him?

Vitamins: multi-vitamin with complete B complex, omega 3, and maybe probiotics. Vit D in winter. The home page of this site (click “Home” in upper right corner at top of forum) has a list too.


Thanks @Hereandhere…He told me this morning that he felt weak. I just thought it was because he slept to long.
He went to the grocery store with me, but didn’t want to get out. I was just happy he left the house. He normally would stay at home. Thanks for the list of vitamins.


Hello Everyone, My son is still doing well on the Invega shot. He has been on it for 3 weeks. He’s not complaining of the side effects anymore. I started him on vitamins and fish oils pills, maybe that’s helping. He did go to his appointment again on 5/4. I am very happy about that because I’m the past he wouldn’t follow up with any doctors appointments, so I’m glad about that. We are taking it one day at a time. He did tell the doctor that he don’t want to take the invega shots tho, I didn’t say a word. The doctor ask him why he didn’t want to take it and he told her why. She explain to him about how long it would take for him to get used to the side effects. She asked him to give it a chance to get in his system, but he said NO he did not want to take the shot, but he said “I will take the rispedal pills at night.” He said “I will take it because I have Bipolar, but I don’t have szcho.” I didn’t say a word. I was thinking well at least he know He need to take something. He is Biploar too. She agreed to him and said ok we can try that. What do y’all thank about him going from Invega back to rispedal? He did very well on rispedal and never complained about any side effects. The reason he was given Invega shots is because of non compliant and was a danger to himself. Be bless!


Risperdal is used to treat both schizophrenia and also symptoms of bipolar disorder so its a good medication if he has both of these conditions being able to hit 2 birds with 1 stone when it comes to meds if possible is a great idea the less meds the less side effects , and if he likes the Risperdal and agrees to take it and as you say did very well on it i think its a good idea that he switches to this . Nobody knows how exactly medication makes a person feel better than the person who is taking it and having control over what medication is being prescribed and the ability to change meds and make medical decisions that they believe is best for them is important to most adults .

Its great that he realizes now that he has problems and needs some kind of treatment it takes a while to find the best med combo and i also think its great that he is being stubborn and standing up for himself if the doesnt agree that a certain med is working for him , so he has now gone back to Risperdal how is he doing so far on it ?


I know Invega is supposed to be very similar to Risperdal, but pdocs seem to like to switch over to Invega. Risperdal also comes in a shot, so if he accepts Risperdal, but struggles with compliance, that is another option for you. I think it has to be given on a 2 week schedule.


Hey @johnsmom, Thank you for replying back. Yes, I know it treat both Bipolar and Schzo, but my son only saying he has Biploar. He hasn’t accepted the schzo yet or he has lack of insight. He is due for that next shot on 5/18, so the doctor said he can start back on the Risperdal on 5/16. Since he’s not taking the shot on 5/18. He will take 3 mg at night along with a sleeping aid, so we will see if he stays on the pills again. Happy Mother’s Day @johnsmom and all the wonderful mothers on this site!


Thank you @Vallpen for the info. I read that on yesterday, I didn’t know that Rispedal comes in a shot too. I will keep everyone updated.


Thank you for updating. I hope the transition goes well.


Hello Everyone,

I need some encouraging words and advice. I know most of you have been following me, giving me tons of information and advice, but hear I go again. We had a birthday dinner for my son on Saturday. He had a good time and felt loved by family. He was given outfits and money. I was a little worried about them giving him money because my son has smoked weed in the past, about 2 years ago. He has been going to his last two doctors appointment which is good, but he refusing to take another shot. I like the shot because we had started to see him getting better again and had much control. He didn’t like the side effects. He was motivated to go places and wanted to work. He wanted to be around people. He was bathing and changing his clothes. He wasn’t agitated nor angry. We have had peace for 3 weeks now. Well, my son is talking about smoking weed again. Where did this come from!? He is smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. He hasnt left my sight, so , so far he hasn’t bought any drugs. Me and his dad has talk to him about the used of any drugs will make him worst. I really don’t know why he’s talking about it because he hasn’t said anything about smoking in about 2 years. He told my husband he feel good and now he don’t think he even have Biploar too, so he’s not going to take the Rispedone at night. We didn’t talk to him about the pills. He told me and the doctor on last week. He said "I don’t have schzo, but I do have bipolar, so I will take the pills at night for Biploar. Now, he’s saying. I feel good, so I’m not taking any pills for Biploar. I am so confused, I am tired, and I’m angry. How can we be supportive to a 25 year old sczho adult person who don’t want to help himself. I think the shot has started to wear off, because we have notice him pacing again. And talkin about people being against him and he’s not sleeping at night. He hasn’t talked about people being against him since he been on the shot. I’m just tired . When he’s not on his Meds, someone has to be at home with him at all times because he become paranoid thinking the neighbor flying airplanes over his head, but when he’s on his Meds. I could leave him home for about 1 hour, so I can have some me time. I have went from working full time to PRN on my job to support him. My husband is the big bread winner. We want to help him and we are supportive to him, but he has to meet us half way… I know it’s the decease tho. He has been hospitalized 3 times and without his medication he is heading for a 4th one. I’m not a negative person,and don’t mean to talk negative, but it happen every time he comes off of his medication. I am learning to not argue with him about not taking his medication, but it hard not to when you know what will happen when he’s off of his medication. I just need to vent. I can only come here to vent because know one else understands.