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Caregivers: aging, but staying healthy; links to brainy games

“Caregivers: aging, but staying healthy so we can continue taking care of sick children as long as possible”

This subject came up in a conversation, and i am sure I am not the only one who is concerned.

As a parent, I hope to have a long and healthy life in order to keep helping my daughter. However, There are dementia and other such blocks that we all risk.

Honestly, dementia or Alzheimer’s and such is the subject I hate doing research for. I don’t want to “diagnose” myself. So, I’ve decided to put it to my doctor and ask if I can get some tests done.

Some researchers say keeping your brain active may prolong some decline.
So, I am trying to learn a new language… and a half. I use regular textbooks, but there are also free apps, if anyone is interested.

I also bought a game called “set” (it is mentioned in “I am not sick, I don’t need help”. I like it and try to play daily. Here is a link to one free daily online game:

Here is also a link to lumosity, I hope it works:

Please share ideas, personal goals and online links for games and tests for us, the parents and caregivers

I don’t like to research the subject either, but I had seen this awhile back - it’s interesting.

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