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Sudoku & other brain development games


What do caregivers think of gifting sudoku and other brain development games to family members afflicted with schizophrenia? My unwell family member always liked solving sudoku and I bring them one sudoku book every time I visit. But yesterday the books were on sale and I purchased seven sudoku books! Is it ok to give them all at once? I’m highly sensitive and concerned about how they would perceive this, would they feel that I won’t be visiting for a while and that’s why I’ll give them so many of it or they will just be happy with the amount of books? I’m sorry if this question seem weird?

About Sudoku, it’s numbers game like solving a puzzle and I read “it is a way to improve mental functioning, prevent brain aging and improve cognitive function”…


Nice that you found them on sale!
I would dole them out one or two at a time, that way there’s no danger of your family member thinking you won’t be visiting regularly. Not a weird question at all.
My son who is hospitalized has really taken to Scrabble. Both his dad and I are avid players but he hasn’t taken to it until now. He is reading a lot (new for him) and he plays Scrabble at least three times a week with each of us and with other residents. His skill and vocabulary have increased and he’s even beaten me a couple of times.
I recommend brain games for everyone, all ages. They are good for geriatric cognition difficulties too.


I see now that you live away from your family member. How about sending a little care package every month or so with another book in it? My son really appreciates any kind of mail or package. Our family is good about sending post cards any time anyone goes anywhere and he likes those. You could add hand lotion or a small coffee card or other little things that would make her life nicer.


We play scrabble now a LOT, my son started playing it in the hospital over two years ago. We bought it when he came out and we play once or twice a week. He usually wins :kissing_heart:


@WAmac that’s a fantastic idea! I’m very grateful for everyone’s support in here!