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Caregivers... what was your sign

The family therapy session happened yesterday my sis relayed a quick story that about two plus years ago, I was in the middle of eating lunch, she couldn’t tell if I was agitated or hyper, but i kept getting up and walking around looking at the apartment we were in then. (before this one)

I got up to get some milk and brought her some too. Later in that very meal I guess I stopped pushed away from the table, walked around a bit and then announced that I’m going to need help if I’m going to live out here… (meaning outside my head) That was her sign that I had turned the corner and things would get better for me. To her, that was a sign of insight and the spark of Want.

My parents relayed that about the same time, I went to Mom and Dad’s. Mom was home, Dad wasn’t. I gave my Mom a hug, and asked for help in getting better. So my sis and my Mom said, when I dropped my pride, and admitted I needed help, that was when they both just had a feeling that things were going to get better for me.

I was just wondering… for other caregivers, what’s your sign that things are on the mend?

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There are some things that have stuck out in my mind. The first time he hugged me just because he loved me and I could actually emotionally feel that hug. It wasn’t a superficial pat on the back hug. When he asked for help to make his bed or make a salad or tea. The first time he did his laundry or had a shower without me nagging.

There have been some what I call turning point conversations where my son has referenced his schizophrenia, acknowledged the harm marijuana can do or has talked to me about what is going on in his head.

It is a bit of a cha cha as with some of these things some other things may take a step back. However seeing these things make it worth the dance. Sometimes he will walk by me and pat me on the head which always makes me smile because I know he is feeling good and that he loves me.

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**This was only 3 years ago. My son was found on the street one morning with no pants on. He was picked up by the police-then taken to the hospital. I still dont know how he came to be in that situation-he never mentions it. However, he refused any help from his father. Normally, when he was in trouble,he would call anyone for help, even people that were not good for him. I remember thinking that something had changed with him. I didnt know what-I just knew that a corner was being turned. He was either going sink further, or start the climb up. He started the climb up. This time, I got more support, stayed out of the way ( pretty much ) and because of a case manager that actually took the time, and a sister that has held both of our hands in everyway possible way–he is doing it. **

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I haven’t had the sign yet. I’m still desperately waiting for it. :weary: :worried:

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I know I was too desparate! you will know when it happens-just don`t look too hard! Easier said then done…lol!

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I would like to ask this same question. My 29 year old son is still just wandering around the house smoking and listening to music. He was diagnosed the beginning of 2013. Is that a long time to sit around? Should I try pushing gently?

So sweet! These little things are heartwarming. My son has always hugged me and told me he loves me, but as far as trying to help himself get better (aside from being med compliant) he isn’t interested in participating in the world in any way. I’m getting more worried about him because if he just keeps on the way he is, I’m afraid he’ll get in such a rut, he won’t be able to help himself at all! I don’t know if I should start pushing a little or what.

Yes, me too. I’m really starting to get anxious about him :disappointed:

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