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A bright spot .....sort share

Often times we are struggling with communicating with our loved ones or expending a lot of energy trying to have a relationship.
This week my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer dementia. While not a huge surprise, not the outcome we were really hoping for.
My sz son expressed concern for her and is making plans to spend time with her “to help her out”.
Sometimes I think the struggles they go through really make them more empathetic than we realize. :smiley:


That is great to hear! I hope it works out. Gives me hope!


I think you are right, mine seems to spot the distress of people who are struggling and empathizes. Your son’s concern for his grandmother touches the heart.


Yes, I think they are much more empathetic for others. Another reason to give him a big hug and tell him you love him.


I am happy for you to get that ray of sunshine into your life! It certainly feels good when we see a spark of interest doesn’t it? I do believe this. My oldest has sz. He is very compassionate and caring. He’s been through hell and back and values family and good times all the more for it. My father was suffering from dementia and could not walk any longer. He suffered towards the end and my mother could not care for him at home. My oldest son went with me to visit the most, was the most empathetic to the hospital experience - wanting to leave and not being able to, etc…He has made me a better person for seeing his trials and how he has dealt with them. Take care and so happy for the wonderful young men our sons are.


Good to hear, they can be so sweet and compassionate. It is remarkable how brave they can be, and how we learn from it.