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Caring my brother who has schizo for 5 y..very hard

hello everybody First, sorry for my weak english language as iam arabian .
i decided to type my problem here as in our society no body care about this type of problem they only care about religion and sex not all doing that but we can say almost how ever my brother was diagnodsed as schezophrinic 5 years ago life like being in hell at the same year my father diagnosed having cancer and died after one year, this year was very hard as taking care of both was hard as my mom help but she was always sick having diabetes ,hypertension and ulcerative colitis she do her best but she also need who take care of her ,what make it difficult that iam medical student and i trys to do my best to get high grades but all of that affect my study now iam at final year few months to graduate and here is the problem his symptoms become more aggrivating , no body can not take care of him except me i cannot study and dont know what to do about that now iam very depressed and i need help , people i know cant do anything and that make sense this is difficult for any one doctors here not good enough or god may want that for a reason i dont know , i need to close my eye and all that end i hope that

Hope everything will go well for you and your brother.Your doing a good job and sounds like a responsible person,you will be able to make it

Just do the best you can and take care of yourself too. Your education is very important, it’s probably very important to your family too. If you graduate and get a good job, you will be able to help your brother better. Good luck and feel free to ask us anything you want.

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Take a deep breath and focus first on what’s most important. One thing at a time

this is what i cannot do now i cant focus i am totally distracted in the past i did that but know i feel exhausted from being overcome that all the time

how long until you’ll finnish your studies?

with finishing my exams about 5 months

It’s almost done then! Maybe you’re feeling nervous because it’s almost over?

You might have to prioritize for a while. Maybe you can give your brother less attention for a while and concentrate on your studies. It is very draining to care for sz’s, maybe more draining than caring for an active alcoholic/addict. You might have to look out for yourself, and put your needs ahead of your brother’s, if you can. People like you hold the world together. The world owes you a debt.

may be but i never being nervous before exams may be i just needed to talk i never talk to some one about my brother illness since he was diagnosed since 5 years , u know even my friends dont know that and my relatives go away from us bcuz of illness

Is your brother medicated?

of course but his case is resistant no improvement just delay progression of the disease

That sucks, i’m sorry for you and your brother. What help can you get from associations or doctors in your country? Is there some sort of therapy he can go to?

i told u iam medical student i see that feel me sad about my brother that i know exactly what is the progression of his disease i tried and reach the best docors and visit many docs but as i told u that resistant of the disease make it no difference and my developing country not interested in mental disorder , no organizations no support groups that sucks country

Your strenght is an inspiration. Thank you for taking such good care of your brother.

I think you have to be strong the next couple of months, finish your studies, try and balance your time of study and time for your brother. If you feel like too much just come and vent here with us, that’s all we can offer you, some support over the internet

:heart: really thak u Minnii and thanks every one really speaking helps me releaving my stress :purple_heart:

I would focus on school. You’re almost done.

where do you live? do you mind telling us? there are a lot of mental institutes in the middle east. Maybe you can submit him somewhere until you finish your studies? If it’s free? I know most are free in Lebanon.

  1. Get a copy of this book and read it. Have your family read it, too.

  2. If he needs a professional intervention, tell me where you live, and I will get back to you with leads to those services.

  3. Get properly diagnosed by a board-certified psychopharmacologist who specializes in the psychotic disorders. One can find them at…

  4. Work with that p-doc to develop a medication formula that stabilizes your symptoms sufficiently so that you can tackle to the psychotherapy that will disentangle your thinking from reality effectively. The best of the therapies for that currently include…
    DBT –
    MBSR –
    ACT –
    MBBT –
    10 StEP –

  5. the even newer somatic psychotherapies like…
    SEPT –
    SMPT –

  6. or standard CBTs, like…
    REBT –
    Schematherapy –
    Learned Optimism –
    Standard CBT –

I feel your pain.

Is your brother in treatment/take antipsycotics?