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Caring my brother who has schizo for 5 y..very hard


You are not alone. You are amazing.


i will try doing that thanks


from egypt i try to find mntal institutes to help him in communication and improve his condition but must his active symptoms must decline first so that h wont hurt any person and high cost but institutes dealing with his condition are for eductional purposes for medical students and their condition there become worse if u know any institute here in my country tell me and thanks for ur interest .


sure i will review that thank u alot


I’m sure if you have a legit reason, you can submit him to a mental institute until you finish your studies. They shouldn’t be expensive. They can medicate him. I just don’t think you should do this on your own. Try getting professional help.


do you have by any chance jewish blood running through your veins? just a question.


no parents are orthodox and protestant.


thanks, yes he is medicated but he is resistant schizo but it delay alot progression of disease


no at all why that?


also no that all my family muslims


the question wasnt directed to you. my friend.
i personally think you will be fine. just try to first finish your education first then you can help your brother even better because you will be more knowledable about the whole human experience.


Ahmed, do try to take care of yourself. You are doing the best and that is enough. Keep checking in and get it off your chest. You are doing a great and courageous job! Hang in there. Go for walks and clear your head.


If he is resistant to AP there could be another cause to his symptoms. There are so many causes which can give rise to psychotic symptoms, brain tissue inflammation, brain inflammation/autoimmune illnesses, tumors, foods etc. have him make spinal fluid tests and other tests of that sort. How is your brother doing now?