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Clozapine and blood pressure problems

Has any ones family members suffer from high blood pressure after been put on Clozapine my daughter has been on it for 4 days and has high blood pressure

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I don’t have any direct input on the medication.

But, I have been on prescriptions that have raised my blood pressure. As an otherwise healthy person, it was alarming to find out my blood pressure was high.
From my experience,
Help her:

  1. Reduce sodium intake immediately – reduces blood pressure signifcantly
  2. Go for decently long walks – helps get blood warmed up and moving
  3. Don’t spend a lot of time sitting on the toilet, especially on the phone / tablet – prevents hemorrhoids, which is super uncool and take forever to heal.
  4. Talk to the doctor about alternatives like different brands of the same drug, generics, or other medicines that might work equally as well.

High blood pressure might be caused by more than just the medication. Try to help her clean up her diet and get exercise if you can!

My son has been on clozapine for almost 8 years and he had high blood pressure in the very beginning but he was also much more overweight then, ate poorly, and smoked a lot more. He has changed his diet, cut back on smoking and lost some weight and for the past 3 years his blood pressure has been perfect every visit. Personally I haven’t seen any direct correlation at all. Many factors can contribute to high blood pressure, I would discuss it with her doctor.