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Coffee! :)



Couldn’t get through a day without it.

(Well, I’m sure I could but, I’d be like a bear with a headache).


**Just one cup of Starbucks in the morning–but MAN! do I need that one cup! :smile: **


It can become a problem though, the stuff is so good.


:slight_smile: id say its time for a coffee


Someone once told me coffee was Crack for Christians lol. He was a funny guy. He was a christian and ex Crack addict


I’d rather drink coffee then eat. Luckily I can still afford both. Sometime a few months ago I figured out that consuming caffeine has no effect on my sz, since then we’ll it’s been at least 10$ a day on the stuff. More then I ever spent on cigs, it’s like damn. Keeps me up until 4am every night. I gotta get this sorted out somehow.


For me its a positive thing. And I just drink cheap instant stuff . I don’t care what it tastes like I just want to get moving!


Well man… I’ve got standards. Lol

But really that’s what I’m probably gonna have to do. Occasionally I’ll brew a pot of coffee at home. The problem is I prefer my coffee cold. Takes like an hour for it to cool down.

Gotta get my own place then I’ll get and espresso machine or something. Or cold brew everyday, takes 12 hours though.

I don’t really feel comfortable taking advantage of the kitchen at my moms place. Don’t want to make a mess.


Try making coffee ice cubes to put in it.


That’s a good idea. Our freezer is packed with a bunch of stuff we don’t eat. So I’d have to make room. Hadn’t considered that idea. Thanks chordy.


If you get the chance, try a vietnamese ice coffee with condensed milk. That stuff tastes so good and wakes you up instantly

When I was in thailand I’d drink like 3 or 4 thai ice coffees everyday and thai red bull (kratingdaeng)


I’ll have to find a place that sells it. Thanks for the ice if the opportunity arises I’ll look into it.


Any vietnamese restaurant will have it


I was gonna ask, we’ve probably got one of those around town. We also have a few Asian grocery stores.

Getting pretty excited to find my own place and get back to life. Spend my time for using on how to furnish/arrange things, groceries and to keep it in line with the topic how to best prepare and consume coffee.