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Cognitive behavior therapy books

I am wondering if anyone can recommend a cognitive behavior therapy book that can be used at home? My is not wanting to go to therapy right now, but he needs some help and I was thinking of getting a book or workbook that we could work on at home as a family. It is not the best solution but, hopefully it help him progress to a point that he will be ready to go to a therapist.

I think there are websites that do the same job as CBT, I think @SzAdmin can help.
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Sorry, it is my son.

I guess a good starting point would be…

Or the CBT for dummies… get an idea of how it starts and just sort of what your getting in to.

Here’s the NAMI page on CBT

Hope this helps you. You really have to think outside the box with this illness sometimes–get really creative!

Thanks for the ideas. I will check them out.

I actually have a good bit of resources on my blog for you and links to websites that might point you in the right direction.

Thank-you. I will get on and check it out.

Have you checked out these videos:

Basic but Essential

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I recommend this book, I have it and my doctor loved it:
Cognitive Therapy of Schizophrenia (Guides to Individualized Evidence-Based Treatment)

Drawing on the authors’ decades of influential work in the field, this highly practical volume presents an evidence-based cognitive therapy approach for clients with schizophrenia. Guidelines are provided for collaborative assessment and case formulation that enable the clinician to build a strong therapeutic relationship, establish reasonable goals, and tailor treatment to each client’s needs. Described in thorough, step-by-step detail are effective techniques for working with delusional beliefs, voices, visions, thought disorders, and negative symptoms; integrating cognitive therapy with other forms of treatment; reducing relapse risks; and enhancing client motivation. Special features include reproducible client handouts and assessment tools.

There is a manual written for public health therapists that can be downloaded from this site. It is free and easy to understand.
I have not been able to find anyone in our area that does CBT for psychosis. Was told just last week by a clinical psychologist that someone with auditory hallucinations was not rational enough for counseling. I say, if you can’t find a way, make a way!

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and see this list:


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