Competency Restoration

Adult son in jail due to failure to appear for misdemeanor. I spoke to paralegal for court appointed attorney about the merry go round of street/hospital/jail and how to stop this endless cycle - needs adequate treatment - not just 72 hr hold. He was evaluated and found incompetent and put on list to transfer to state hospital. We are in Dallas/Fort Worth area in TX. Son is #202 on list to admit. Admissions were frozen due to covid outbreak and resumed on March 7. He is now #183 on list. At this rate, could be in jail another 3 months - which is taking its toll on him, also. Is there another way to restore competency other than long wait for state hospital?

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Do you know Joey Petruzella of NAMI DFW? He’d be a great resource. His email is He leads the local (Dallas) chapter of NAMI and has personally met with me and my son (21 YO w/SZ) and helped us tremendously.

Very sorry for your struggles. You are not alone in this shitshow.

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Thanks for the info, Sando. Will contact him.