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Does anybody know how I can get my son admitted to a state hospital

Does anybody know how I can get help to place my adult son in a state hospital. My son needs help right away. He’s been in and out of hospitals for the last couple of years. He refuses to take his meds. He can be dangerous at times. He sleeps all day and night. He won’t take a shower, clean his room. Looks out the windows a lot. Eats very little. Is delusional. Been in jail before, no help there. Hospital won’t help. I am at my last wits. I don’t know what to do.

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for me it was calling the crisis assessment team here in Cali and they are trained to decide to put them into a state hospital. If they decide the person qualifies for a 51/50 they call the ambulance to come get them. I have done that a few times this year already. I unfortunately had to learn that my daughter had to be pretty far gone before she qualified for the 51/50. It took 3 tries the first two times and 1 try the third time. The fourth time we called the police and they took her straight to the hospital and they are transferring her to a state hospital in a few days from a regular hospital.

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fastest wa is:
if you can afford a lawyer, you can pay like $1000 to get an emergency Guardianship or there is an option to take his rights away for 30 days to be taken to a mental hospital and get evaluated. Talk to Family lawyer in your state.Or Talk to NAMI ( National Alliance of mentally ill) in your city. they will advise you.

you need to act. My son was delusional and not thinking. he wanted to fly to Ireland/Europe thinking that he can meet nice people there and have a good life better than being with us ( his family) myself and my brother. he was delusional and talking nonsense. I called a lawyer and get a emergency order to take his right away and get him admitted to mental Hospital. I am glad I did. I saved his life. He is better now, but still need more work.

DO no delay. Talk to a lawyer. if you cannot afford one, you can get help from Free Legal Aid.
Also another option which is FREE: Find involuntarily commitment Officer in your city where you can talk to them and prove that your son can be dangerous to himself or to others.

Will keep you in my prayers.


My understanding is that if your son qualifies for Medicaid (and I think, Medicare) or has no insurance he can be treated at a state hospital. If he only has private pay insurance, a state hospital will not take him. Read the laws in your state (try the Treatment Advocacy Center website) for what qualifies for involuntary commitment. Call your state’s NAMI organization and ask them for advice. Some parts of the country have mobile assessment teams. Call ahead to the team for your area and ask how that works. If your only option is to call 91 or the police, ask if they have a CIT (Crisis Intervention Training) unit. If they do, ask them to send the CIT unit. (It would be wise to find out in advance if they have this.) Be careful in calling lawyers…some are only concerned about the patient’s rights and don’t understand the terrors of this illness. NAMI may be able to suggest a lawyer, but MAKE SURE you interview the lawyer first to know what you are getting. We hired one assuming that was our answer for guardianship and it was a disaster and we wasted a lot of money. I did more research and later found a great one.


Hi @Queen1 - I got a emergency mental health hold for my son. It was free (in CO). I called our county attorney, I described what was going on, I wrote a letter with details for the past two years. I met with the county attorney, I signed an affidavit, they sent this to court. The cops came a broke into our home and took him to the regular hospital. This was done in 24 hours. Eventually, he could have been sent to the State hospital but fortunately, other things happened and he is now on meds and home. If your son is dangerous (a threat to himself) likely if you called the police and asked for a metal health check perhaps he would qualify for them to take him to the hospital. I hope you are able to get him back in the hospital.


Hi Diane R. Thank you for reading my message and getting back to me. I have tried that method you talked about. The hospital releases him within 72 hours. By law they can’t hold him any longer. Then he’s back home again. Doesn’t take his meds. I am back to square one again. He has hit me several times, put a knife to my face. Totaled two cars of mine. Last summer he walked in front of a moving semi truck. This leaves him with brain damage now. I really can’t take it anymore. He has to be watch 24/7. I quit my job to take care of him, but it’s just a little hard for me. He scares me. I don’t know what he is going to do next. I have no help. Family doesn’t come around because of him. Don’t know what to do. Thank you so much for helping out.

Hi hopeforus. Thank you so much for the information. Does the guardianship work? Do you have to see a lawyer? Thanks for your help.

Thank you so much for reading my article. You gave me a lot of information. I will try your suggestions. Thanks again

Thank you so much for reading my message. I have tried that about six times. The police know us very well. He goes to hospital, they release him after 72 hours, and he is right back at it. Doesn’t take his meds. I am scared for my life and his life. Thanks again, I appreciate you taking the time out to get back to me. Take care

Would it be possible for you to show these to the hospital and get him on court ordered meds? I’m sorry you are going through this. I don’t know if I would have the strength.

You are welcome. Hope things you can get him help as soon as possible. the longer you wait, the longer it will take for him to get better. the sooner the better.

If you live in California, you can get him conserved ( he will assigned a Public Guardianship).
this usually happens when he gets admitted to Hospital and on hold for 72 hours.
you must compile all the events that you have been through to show that he can be dangerous to himself and others.
NAMI has a form “AB1424” where you enter all the episodes that your Son has been through and make like 8 copies and give it Hospital/ Psychiatric ,nurses and social worker and also to court when he a hearing in front of judge.
CALL NAMI and ask how to fill in the form “AB1424”

Good Luck…
Praying for you.

when he hit you, you must call 911 and this way he will be taking to Hospital.
get all the papers and evidence ready so that when you call the cops and they take him to hospital, you can ask the doctor for him to be conserved. He will have a court session and you then show all the evidence.
you qualify for free legal service.


@Queen1, the treatment laws in your US state are available here:

It sounds like you have tried everything you can. Where we live, state hospital stays rarely last longer than six weeks and people are discharged to homeless shelters. State hospitals in most places no longer have long term patients unless those patients are very old, without the most basic amount of function, or have forensic commitments due to committing a crime.

I think you have done everything you can for your son. The next time he is put in the hospital, tell them he cannot live with you when he is released because of the violence, the fact that he will not take medication, and that you cannot provide necessary medical care for him. Let them know you cannot make the home adequately safe for either of you due to untreated, unmanaged symptoms of his illness. Then they might have to try to find placement for him. It’s a chance.


Thank you so much for the information. I have done that stuff. They tell me they have no beds available in any of the state hospital, so I don’t have a choice except to bring him home again. I have been dealing with this for way over a year now. Thank you I appreciate your help.

I never knew that. I am going to keep that in mind. I appreciate you help. Thank you so much.

Is there a mental hospital that he can be taken to instead of the regular hospital? That’s when you get the longer stays and better outcome

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Don’t pick him up after a 24 hour hold and force the state to do something about the violence. That’s what I keep hearing is the best advice

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There is no state hospital near me. The state hospital are at least 150 miles away. Thank you for your feedback. I will keep that in mind.

I will try that the next time he is admitted. Sometimes they release him without my knowledge. And he’s out on the street.