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Court-ordered meds and relapse

Court-ordered meds and relapse for paranoid SZ is not a new topic.

Still, I’d like to hear from any and all who experience this with their SFI paranoid SZ son.

Although medicated, he is miserable, scared a lot, isolating, not active socially.

Anti-psychotic meds have caused high blood pressure and PVCs (pre-ventricular contractions) which scare him. M.D.s say they can’t address this side effect.

He will not give permission for me to talk with CW or M.D.s as he wants me “on his side.”
Doesn’t trust even hates “them.”

He even skipped the Yule Holidays this year.

This has been occurring since he was 19. He is almost 48 now.

Every evening we visit on Messenger and he complains and complains or tells me he’s scared. Anhedonia is the inability to feel happiness or pleasure in life.

Tomorrow is the day he is off the court ordered meds. He says he’ll keep taking them.

I remember what happened in the past.

Advise, comments welcome.

@VermontWoman1, I have done many involuntary hospitalizations with my son who has a similar timeline to your son. Like the US in Canada our provinces have different mental health laws. Currently where we live we have Community Treatment Orders (CTO’s) and my son has his renewed every year. There are many checks and balances in place to ensure someone who does not need this kind treatment and can voluntarily take care of their own illness do not meet the criteria over time. It is also voluntary in that he agrees to the CTO.

This along with the Assertive Community Treatment ( ACT ) team administering his meds daily have kept him out of the hospital for the last 10 yrs. It is always so distressing to have to wait for the axe to drop before getting your loved one help but unfortunately this is how it plays out many times even where we live. My son is not competent to make decisions such as not taking meds so I am also his substitute decision maker (SDM).

I’m not sure what your situation or laws are like where you are but you can communicate your concerns with his Dr. and make sure that they have the whole history of your son so they can make a decision to renew his order?

The best information I got from the book, ” I’m not sick, I Don’t Need Help“ , was how to deal with this betrayal. I had conversations with my son once he became more stable and explained that I was sorry that I put him in the hospital but I did it because I loved and cared about him and in my own good conscience could not leave him; homeless, missing, hungry, without medical care etc. Keeping in my own mind that I was doing this for him - not to him and that if I had to do it again I would.

I hope things turn out ok for your family tomorrow. If it goes sideways don’t give up on him and if need be go through it all again until he gets the help he needs.

It’s so sad…my heart goes out to you and my thoughts are with you tomorrow.

What is SFI?

SFI is Severe Functional Impairment.

Thank-you for your kind words. I feel great support and care at

Here in NW Vermont, USA I could become his guardian but he has to OK it.

He has never given permission for me to speak with M.D.s or CWs.

I try not to call CW as they have to report to him and he gets very upset.

He sees “them” as the enemy.

He is very depressed and feels as if he’s failed and his life is over.

I was hoping the M.D. would not allow the court order to be lifted.

I cry with him, online, every night.

Then he ends the conversation.
He found a lawyer who got around it.

I pray he doesn’t stop meds which have awful side effects; zombie-like persona, PCVs, still has many positive symptoms. Can’t sleep.

I have no resources to find the help he needs. He’s in a group home from Howard Mental Health, Burlington, Vermont. At least he’s not on the street or in jail. It’s a very nice minimally supervised apartment. He’s very depressed. Not drawing or playing his guitar.

This is a horrible disease.
Thanks once again for interest and support.

Yes, it is a terrible disease. It robs our loved ones of their hopes, dreams and interests.

My daughter did not go off her medicine when her court order ran out. Perhaps your son will stay on his.

I do suggest getting communication to his doctor, even if the doctor can’t respond to you, he will probably read whatever you send. I faxed the psychiatrist when my daughter was last forcibly hospitalized by the police, and he had the nurse call me pretty much within hours to get me to be her health care proxy, as he had to get someone appointed.

I wish you the best.

My son also has SFI and I keep my communication with my son currently between him and I by asking him to ask the CW about his glasses for example so he does not start to feel that I’m doing anything against him and to get him to take care of himself as much as possible. It’s been weeks and he keeps forgetting. I take it one day at a time and hope to be able to figure out a way to find him friends in the future. There are many hurdles to overcome. I take him swimming. It’s the best I can do at this time.

My son likes his workers but I’m unsure how much time they spend with him. I think he says no thank you to offers of programs etc. I think it’s just blood tests and medication. When I asked him if he attends any outings etc he says no he doesn’t because he gets too paranoid with groups of people when he has tried them. He will go out with me to places and really enjoys being with family for visits.

Do you live far from your son? It would make it much more difficult for your son if he does not like his workers.

Your situation sounds like mine with my son.

Oddly, it’s comforting to hear the similiar behavior.

Greeting from snowy Vermont

Hello @VermontWoman1

There is comfort knowing you are not alone with your experiences but it is also sad that someone else is in the same life boat.

I have been to Vermont. Just beautiful there!

Wishing you the best.

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