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Court ordered treatment


After 3 years of on and off meds and hospital stays. Finally the court has stepped in…I had my son committed again 2 weeks ago after he was off meds again and hearing voices and getting code from the tv he also had called 2 different people looking for a gun…he takes out his rage out on me with loud shouting and getting in your face…This time the court has ordered the Invega shots Today was the second shot. Getting to my wits end…hope this works… if not its social services for help with housing…Then he can come off his meds in his own home and do as he sees fit…He is grown and I am tired…


Sending good vibes to you and your son that the Invega shot and the court ordered treatment will finally be a turn around. I know that you have been going through a lot of ups and downs, well mostly downs with your son and I really hope that things start to get better. Recently my son was put on Invega shot and so far it seems to be working although it is taking time.


he is on shot 2 and he is suppose to keep taking oral med,but that’s not going to happen …so hurry up shot and work…