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What should I expect?

My son has been on outpatient commitment (for the past 4 years) and is court ordered to take his invega shot every month. A few weeks ago, after a hearing that extended OPC another two years, he wrote an appeal and is refusing to get his shot. I’m heartbroken. The past few years he has been heavily medicated–but safe. I am just waiting for all the bad things that are going to happen. I’m overwhelmed with anxiety and worry. Can someone tell me what to expect if you just stop the invega shot “cold turkey?”. I can’t get the doctor to talk to me (even though my son signed a waiver allowing her to do so). I am angry at my son and waiting for the phone to ring with the next fresh hell we are all going to go through.

@doyle3466 , it truly is a hellish life waiting for the next “episode”. My son cold turkey’d his meds January 2018 and by June 2018 it was full blown hell. Wandering the streets, leaving his apt door wide open while wandering any part of the day/night, not answering my texts/calls (I’ve learned this was the first sign he’s In the midst of an episode). He was doing very well on risperadone, and just ike that, thought he didn’t need them anymore. He learned the hard way.

Episode Of summer of 2018 lasted about 2 months, and ended up landing him in jail for 1 night. The police picked him for wandering all night and doing strange things, and took him to hospital. While there, he hit a security guard who was only trying to contain him and help him get settled in. My son does not like to be touched, even affectionately. So he hit the security guard. Got out of jail, and after many many court dates, a nice judge pardoned my son on the condition he get back on meds. He was the most fair judge and compassionate. The cops were also very compassionate as they ended up taking my son to the hospital a few times instead of jail. Bad cops would have taken my son to jail to rot.

My son has been on meds since October 2018 and (I’m afraid to say this) doing very well again. He is normal and actually reaches out to me & his brother and asks how we are doing. I never ever expected it.

I just wanted to let you know it may take time for the meds to be depleted from his system and he may still do well for awhile. It took my son 6 months to reach full blown episode. I had no clue what was around the corner. I also heard episodes from suddenly stopping the meds can be a lot worse than before.

I now feel like I can’t control any of this. What will happen has to happen. Like things have to really hit rock bottom, and then pick up the pieces again. I got physically ill trying to prevent/stop things from happening and the anxiety was causing major health issues, no sleep, depression, unable to focus on the now.

I had to train myself to live with a different mentality. What will happen will happen. It’s extremely hard to do, I understand. It was either that or I crumble too from worry.

My only thought to you is that you go over what’s is your biggest fear from him stopping his meds. Is it him ending up in jail? Is it him doing self harm? Is it him hurting you or your family? And then go over the scenario if he does these things, he will most like end up either in hospital or jail. Those were the only 2 options for my son, and from wherever he was, we just started back up again. Draining & exhausting.

Please remember to stop and think of yourself too.

Oh, and I forgot, after the last court date, after my son was pardoned, the security guard who initiated the case against my son, confided in me that he felt this was the only way he felt he could help my son. By getting him in to the system, and therefore, being mandated to take meds. So from his perspective, he pressed charges against my son in hopes of getting my son the help he needed. His words to me after the last hearing, “your son needed help, and now he will get it”. I was initially angry with him, but I understood and thanked him. He had also shown up for every court date, and he was not going to budge as far as pressing charges against my son. He was on a mission.

What is that saying?
“This, too, shall pass”. Take care.


I am so sorry that your son is refusing to continue his meds. I can’t tell you what will happen if he suddenly stops his medication, but I know when my daughter was on and off medicine the psychosis always returned. What a nightmare for everyone in the family.

I understand how you feel. My daughter went on meds after more than 2 years of psychosis only because of an arrest and a court order for meds. She has stayed compliant for over 2 years now. I hope and pray she will stay compliant.

Hopefully your son will change his mind and take his shot.

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Thank you. I appreciate your kind words.

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Thank you for your kind words. I took a screen shot of your response and am going to pull it out when I need some comfort.

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Come here on the site and post whenever you feel you need to talk, and just read if you would rather. Everyone on this site has been through the turmoil that exists in life when someone loved has schizophrenia. You can vent, ramble, question, state facts, state fears, anything you want to say pretty much, and there will be a person who understands you. I wish you peace in your life.