Crisis Team

Son has been going downhill fast lately.

I think I had mentioned in an earlier post that about 4-5 weeks ago he had stopped taking two of his four meds (Zyprexa and Trilafon). He is now only taking 10 mg Abilify and Adderall. I was terrified to learn of this, and knew in my heart this was not enough medication for him.

Just as I feared he has been going downhill fast the past couple of weeks. Not lucid at all, paranoia very high, having some hallucinations, doing non-sensical things. I’m sure he has been smoking pot too. I feel he is where he was at when he had his first major break 4 yrs ago. I have been worried sick, not knowing what to do. He won’t talk or listen to me or his dad about this downturn.

I have read several times on this website about other caregivers who have had a mobile crisis team come to their homes, but I’ve never been able to find one in our area. Well, I did some more snooping around online tonight, and lo and behold our area now has a crisis team! She said it was put in place in the past year. This is exactly what I have been wanting for my son!

The counselor did an extensive information-gathering session and we decided that she will dispatch a crisis team to our home tomorrow. I am so scared and nervous about it. I have no idea how he will react. This is what he needs though. The team consists of a counselor and a clinician.

I am so hoping that son will be receptive to the help. Fingers crossed.

My fingers crossed also! I know how it feels to watch your son heading in that direction and feeling helpless-especially when they will not listen. A third party sometimes works! Good luckX

Thank you so much. He will usually listen to an authoritative third party. Their arrival will be a surprise to him, so it will be nerve wracking :sweat:

Good luck tomorrow and I hope it goes smoothly. I really hope he listens. I bet it’s nerve wracking… especially since he sounded like he was starting to come around and do well.

I’ll be rooting for you.

Thanks James. I’m just so relieved to get some assistance for a change. He might listen but whether he will heed remains to be seen.

He def needs to get back on ap meds. If we can work around to it, I would like for him to try Latuda. He just has no insight right now, so idk if he will be agreeable. At the rate he is going, I feel he may end up in the hospital if nothing is done.

Yes, one will venture toward a third party with desperate hope in mind, and will do so when it becomes crystal clear to you that the immediate family will NOT listen to you.

If they did, they would know exactly what is truly occurring. In doing so, no place is left for assumptions nor mere beliefs. This leads to stability.

However, if you choose to place a belief within the picture, then stability is shot dead. Such a placement applies to both sides.

On the other hand, if, instead, one side or the other had NO belief present within the picture, then completeness is achieved concerning the matter at hand, thus sanity is present, thus stability occurs, thus no mental illness is present from this point onward, since this completeness envelopes the entire matter at hand, including encompassing the victim.

If completeness was allowed to extend from either side, again stability would occur. But this is not currently allowed.

However, if beliefs are being maintained on both sides, the victim on one side and a judgment group on the other, then the problem at hand continues.

Thus today, people are doing their very best to keep schizophrenia on the go. Completeness is not accepted nor wanted in today’s society.

Assumption is worshipped instead.

Thus the title of “mental illness” lives on with it’s current definition. Thus the control and diminishment of a mental illness, if present, is stripped away since society still sets few or no boundaries to the depths of the limits of certain criteria concerning its definition of mental illness.

By inappropriately defining mental illness, there is a huge gap between that which a person may be experiencing, and the conclusion of what it is which the “others” generated via the act of simply “assuming”. This huge gap becomes an ongoing foundation of poor communication between the victim and “others”.

This huge gap then provides an immense arena for the expansion of the mental illness, if present.

Concerning a crisis team, I would say be there with them. Typically when a victim is alone with the team, their goal is intensely narrowed down to the subject of whether or not the victim is suicidal. Emotional support, if needed by the victim, is typically never to be seen at all, in fact quite the opposite indeed occurs.

They push and push and push the victim to the edge such that a violent outbreak will occur thus providing them with a “job well done” pat on the back as the police and ambulance whip the victim off to the hospital or worse.

However, not getting into the details, if you are present at the time, the whole ball game changes completely.

Crossing my fingers for you too.

My son responded good to the crisis team. They came with clothed police officers and normal clothed, I guess counselors. They came in and talked to him for a bit on how he was feeling. The idea being that the longer they talk to someone, if the person is in psychosis, they cannot hide it for long periods and symptoms will show themselves. The police officers did not interfere or come near him while this was happening. I’m in Canada. Hopefully you will experience similar. They escorted him to emergency and stayed with him for a bit knowing that he would try to talk them out of admitting him. Since it was an “emergency” situation after admittance, although my son at this point was pretty far into psychosis, they consulted with me about medications.

Thanks Barbie.

Things were relatively quiet last night and this morning, so after a lot of thought, hubs and I decided to postpone the crisis team. I was really mixed on it.

So today, in lieu of the crisis team, I composed a rather lengthy email to son outlining how I can see he has been under a lot of stress lately. This along with the meds not being enough to control his symptoms, I can tell that they are becoming worse. I tried to emphasize that I’m on his team, etc. and would he please consider trying another med such as Latuda. There was a lot more, but this was the gist of it. Haven’t heard back from him yet.

We will keep plugging along and see what happens.

Hi I have had experience with crisis team in O.C ca. and they have really helped out when my son would wonder @ leave group home@ would show up at grandparents house and would go downhill. They admitted him to hospital because he was gravely disabled not eating, was unable to speak, able to move and they also have taken him in if he was suicidal.

Adderall can make hallucinations worse. Same thing with Concerta and Ritalin. Maybe you should try another med for ADHD (??).

Comatose, I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for the info and I’ll be checking into it.