The Crisis Team Came


A little background: Previously son was prescribed and taking Zyprexa-5, Trilafon-8, Abilify-10 and Adderall. About 4 mos ago he told me he and his pdoc agreed he could come off the Zyprexa and Trilafon. He has been in a steady decline ever since, becoming increasingly psychotic, hallucinating once again, and more paranoid, most of the time not lucid with no insight. I did find out pdoc did not agree to this.

Living with him has been trying to say the least. He reverted back to previous habits such as destroying and trashing some meaningful household items, throwing patio furniture off the deck into the back yard, tore up a front door wreath I had spent hours making, breaking mirrors in his room, painting walls in his room odd colors, placing things in weird places, and we still have to hide our valuables such as billfolds, jewelry, cell phones, etc.

He has had a few restless nights lately, up all hours tromping up and down the hall in his boots at all hours of the night, slamming doors. None of us have had much sleep the past week.

Son shuts down when I try to talk to him with suggestions, in an attempt to get him the help he needs. So yesterday morning I called the Crisis Team to assist. They were called at 11 a.m. and told me the team would be at our home in 1 to 1-1/2 hrs. They didn’t arrive until around 2. Son was in his basement apartment and when he opened the door at my request, he looked horrified that there were two strangers there with me. It did not go well. He would not cooperate, said we were infringing on his privacy, wanted us to leave immediately, even after repeated attempts to gently explain to him what they were there for. He finally briskly walked past us up the stairs with a 3-foot wrench in his hand. I should add he has been carrying that around for the past couple of days, I assume for protection (from what I don’t know).

The two ladies said there was not really any more that they could do, so they left. Ten minutes later the crisis team member called me saying she had reported the whole situation to her boss who told her they must 5150 son, in other words have him committed. So she tells me they will be back with a clinician, sheriff and police backup.

Finally two hrs later the two team members and one clinician show up. I ask her where are the sheriff and police because I know it will take more than them to do this. They had not even called the sheriff or police - WTH that was very frustrating - I insisted on them being there. So they called and now we had to wait again. All this didn’t pull together until about 6:30p.

In the meantime, son was chomping at the bit to leave in his car – his dad had to disable it so he couldn’t drive it. Son accused us of doing that - we played dumb. We had to stall, stall, stall. Son pacing all over the place, inside and out, waiting for dad to get back from the bank to give him money. More stalling.

Thank goodness when all the forces arrived son had retreated to his room and was not outside. Miracle. That went without incident.

I am appreciative of the Crisis Team. I do have frustration, however, on their failure to bring the sheriff and police back with them as they told me they would. We came very close to having a botched effort because of it. And talk about stress – my heart was beating out of my chest the entire time of this lengthy process.

During their initial interview process with me, many questions were asked - it was quite lengthy. I was later disappointed to learn from son that information I had given to them regarding what son was doing and saying was divulged to son, I assume at the admittance process at the hospital. He is sooo angry with me right now and can’t understand why I told people he did those things, even though he did. He denies most of it. I feel like what little bit of trust he had in me is gone. I hope not for good.

Son has started the calling routine wanting me to come get him out right away. Hubs and I are mentally and physically exhausted. :tired_face:


My son gets upset when I tell too much. It’s not easy balancing trust with getting the right treatment.

Try to take this time to get some rest. Turn off the phones if you need to as he is in a safe place. Take a long bath, make a pot of tea and relax. :purple_heart:


Yes, it is a balancing act for sure. Thanks for your suggestions - I started to feel more relaxed just reading them lol.


Isn’t so awful that so many times our sincere and painful efforts to help our family members seem to go wrong somewhere along the way and get interpreted as something harmful?


you can only do so much and right or wrong you did the best you could…take advantage of this time to rest and “re-group” …warm wishes being sent your way


I am so sorry this went down so badly. I’m also sorry that the crisis team and the pdoc don’t seem to be on the same page.

You really have been through a hard time with this. Hopefully as he gets stabilized this time, something can be done a bit differently with the pdoc and things will go smoother this time around.

I really am hoping this turns around soon and his anger phase starts to fade as he gets stable. I am rooting for you will all I’ve got.


The system is so frustrating!! Your son also sounded like mine a long time ago. Rest assured-he will probably keep calling. He will also get over his anger with you. Hopefully, they will not release him before he is stable. I ended up calling the police everytime. No crisis team back then. But it also got him into the hospital quicker-better then waiting in the ER for 5 hours. I know what you mean about your heart pounding!! Good luck and hang tough XXXX


Yes, they do get angry with you but do forgive you. Its one of the hardest things but you need to remember you are doing it for him. Rest right now and regroup. As they said, he is safe where he is right now.


Yes, valleypenne it is awful. But It only took me about a year and a half after being diagnosed to realize my parents were doing the best that they could to help me.That they were on my side, not against me. I was definitely no angel but I pretty much went along with the program. Lots of arguments but the police never needed to be called. I was fairly well behaved. I guess this doesn’t help but I just thought I would add this. Lovemyson, I guess my point could be that not all of us are destructive or disrespectful ( no offense meant to you or your son). If it weren’t for my parents I would not be where I am today.


Ive been commited for assault and threatening someone with a weapon. I had psychosis NOS at the time and I was throwing a drunken rampage in my kitchen with all of my friends there, screaming at them and slapping them in the face and challenging everyone to fight me (I have four belts in Krav Maga and am a powerlifter, so they didnt even think about it, I could easily kill someone without a weapon) and the next thing I knew I was surrounded by seven cops and they calmly explained that I was going to be taken somewhere to sober up. That’s all they told me. I admitted that I was drunk and they cuffed me, checked me for weapons put me in a cruiser. They made me take off my combat boots (yes, I was wearing all black and combat boots) and gave me socks instead and breathalized me and put me in a room full of people passed out on beds. I didn’t sleep.

They let me go after some questions the next morning, some of which I lied about “are you hearing voices?” The whole thing was civil and peaceful but the looks on every officers face was scary. The officer who talked to me was very calm and non-threatening, and I felt like I had to reciprocate him not tasing me or beating me, which would have ended up with one wounded cop and six bullets in me. I was drunk and crazy but I knew I was at fault.

Ironically I was and still am studying psychology in college on a full academic scholarship. Ive learned tons about my disorder and the medications for it and I know how my meds work and have written papers and given presentations on schizophrenia, one of them a paper and presentation on schizophrenia and violence, one year after the incident.

My parents support me today, I live with them and my sister who has bipolar disorder. I seem like a normal person, aside from the way I dress and the way I look (Im a powerlifter, im pure muscle, short and bulky). I have good friends and have been dating people for the last six months, but they all either didnt work or ended up with us just being casual partners.

I got into a car accident after a late night at a girl’s house in february, I just just had sex for an hour and took my night time meds, which usually make me pretty drowsy, and I t-boned a car. I said “Im schizophenic and my meds have me sedated” and the officer just said OK and in ten minutes a CIT officer came and talked to me. He understood how sedated I was and made sure I was OK in the head, luckily the other person in the accident was alright. He didnt let me drive though, he told me to call my parents to come drive me home.

CIT officers are really great- they committed my sister without any trouble when she was manic and out of control back in the day, and they committed me despite me being raging drunk and psychotic. They’re respectable professionals, they prioritize human lives and truly serve and protect us.

But the cops who give you tickets for going 5 over the speed limit suck :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, you were really lucky in your dealings with the police. If the same thing had happened in Cobb County Georgia they would have charged you with battery and taken you directly to jail until someone bailed you out. Unfortunately I know, because my son has been jailed twice when he should have been taken to the hospital. We have spent a lot of $$ and had a lot of heartburn over those issues.

I’m curious though, were you ticketed for t-boning that car? Glad you brought this up because I’m going to tell my son the next time he is in an accident he needs to let authorities know about his condition. I’m sure he has never done that.

And congrats on your schooling! That is a lot to be proud of :thumbsup:


Yeah I got a ticket for running a stop sign. They werent harsh or accusatory though, I think they felt sorry for me. I was slurring my words and the officer knew I had just had a good time, he asked me what the hell I was doing 5 miles away from my house at 2am as a medicated schizophrenic and I said “I was visiting a girl” and he just nodded his head and said “No wonder you’re sleepy” (factoring in that I had just taken the night time meds).

But yeah, its best to tell police about the condition. They have Crisis Intervention Team officers who are trained to deal with people like me. It was freezing outside and the officer said “Maurice come sit in my car, just to stay warm” when my parents were on their way to pick me up. He made small talk and remarked on how well I seemed despite my condition.


@lovemyson…don’t feel bad about having had your son sectioned. It is for the best. Your son may be angry now but he will get over it. I personally have schizophrenia and my mother got me sectioned a year ago. She saw me as aggressive and potentially violent. She reported me to the police and got me sectioned. I was angry at first but I came round to seeing it from her perspective. I now know I was a threat in the house, so I now agree with being sectioned. Anyway, your son will come round with a bit of medication.


Thank you Karl, appreciate the support. I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind sharing – had you come off your meds when your Mom had you sectioned? And if so, what were they, why did you come off and what did they put you on in the hospital?

Sorry if my questions seem invasive, but all of you guys’ (and gals) experiences and advice really help me in trying to figure things out for my son.


@lovemyson…firstly I have to say I understand your sons reservations about medication or rather the not taking of it. I personally rarely take medication, I just take it typically to relieve anxiety, or stress. What Im saying is your son, like me, probably does not like the negative symptoms (side effects) that those anti psychotics give you. But anyway, back when I was sectioned I do not believe I was taking medication. BUT in saying that, I don’t believe medication would have helped as I was off my head at the time. The medication I take is olanzapine. Its an grand med, in so far as it relieves a bit of tension.


I understand your situation and feel for you and your family but lying can really damage a relationship. People forgive being put in the hospital or having crisis called on them pretty easily. They have a harder time forgiving lies and those lies can erode all trust in a relationship, and trust is something incredibly valuable in situations like this.


God my heart goes out to you. All the emotions you have/ are going through are all encompassing. Try to look after yourselfes to get some rest. Just get through it. Big hugs

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Yes, I’m well aware of that. In the heat of the moment a split-second decision was made to tell him that. I felt that it would have made matters worse to tell him we disabled it and doing so could have derailed our plan.

In the end we somehow got him to the hospital and that was my goal the entire time. When he is feeling better and the time is right, I will let him know what we did and why.


Is this the first hospitalization your son is going through?

I found this link on the host site. Assisted and involuntary treatment


This is son’s fifth or sixth hospitalization, it’s all starting to run together and I can’t muster up the energy right now to go through my records :weary:

Thank you for the link – looks like a lot of helpful information. I will definitely read over it.