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Curious what other family members are taking

My HB has been diagnosed sz with depression since 1996. He was on and off meds for several years until he had a really bad episode that landed him in state hospital for 3 weeks. Since then he’s had a great psychiatrist and psychologist that have helped him maintain somewhat normalcy. I’m noticing whenever his pdoc changes his meds, though he definitely is affected for a least a month to 6 weeks. During that time he has several episodes and verbal and emotional attacks are directed towards me. Anyway. I think (fingers crossed) we have gotten through another med change and it has been mostly successful. Right now he is on the following:

Cymbalta 120mg
Zyprexa 10mg
Lorazepam 1.5mg
Saphris 10mg
He’s taking 40 mg of Simvastatin (high cholesterol due to antipsy drugs)
He started Sarcosine about 2 weeks ago and takes 1 1/2-2g in the morning.
He also takes a B Complex, and Omega 3-6-9

It seems like a lot but I’m hoping this will be good for him now for a while. I also have on order NAC that he’ll be trying once we receive the shipment. Im just trying to help him as much as possible and keep him informed of what is working for others so he will be more open to trying new things. More natural and hopefully not as much needed from the pharmacy. But the ultimate goal of course is what’s best for him.

My daughter is taking 120mg Latuda, 40mg Prozac and 2.5mg Zyprexa.

We are still working to get her symptoms under control, so I’m sure this will change. It’s like we get one symptom managed and another one gets out of control. I feel like we keep having to put out little fires all over the place.

My bf takes:

invenga sustenna injection 1x month
Lamictal 200mg / day
ativan 1mg prn
vistaril prn

He just started taking NAC and it seems to be helping. He doesn’t like being on so many medications but when he tries to discontinue them he feels much worse. If your husband is doing well on his medications from the doctor without terrible side effects, I would be careful about stopping them. Sometimes that triggers a relapse of symptoms.

Best of luck to you.


My son is on Abilify depot injection. He has just had his dose reduced a little - I can’t remember what it is, though. He is on no other drugs. He is going to start taking sarcosine as a supplement for negative symptoms but he is largely ok, no positive symptoms ATM. UK doctors generally are more conservative about prescribing.

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