Ordered NAC (N-acetyl Cysteine) today

So I ordered NAC for the hb today. Hoping that will be an additional help for the sz. Anyone using this supplement with their meds? Results?
Thank you and happy Tuesday.

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How are things going for your husband?

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Last night was better. This morning I had him take 1.5 g on the Sarcosine and then none in the afternoon. I think that might work better for him since he has low energy in the morning and then usually can’t settle down very well in the evening. We’ve adjusted so all his meds are in the evening so he sleeps better. Keeping my fingers crossed and continuing to pray.
Thanks for checking in.


By bf started NAC today, no effect so far but we’re keeping our fingers crossed. Good luck!


Any update on how things are going with the NAC?

I feel like the mood swings and outlook are much better but he is still having trouble with motivation. I’m trying to give the Sarcosine more time to see if it will help with that. Part of the challenge is he has isolated from most family and friends and is not working so he gets bored easy and frustrated. It’s a catch 22 that I’m trying to help him with without being pushy and triggering an episode. I purchased 2 books recommended off this website and went to a NAMI meeting last Saturday so I feel like I’m a little more informed. Thanks for checking in. It’s one day at a time. :blush:


Does he see a therapist / psychologist? Ultimately they would be very helpful in getting him out and involved with people. The more strategies that you can use, the better.

He has a psychologist he sees but he hasn’t scheduled an appointment in a couple months. I know it helps him but I notice sometimes when he comes back from seeing her he’s a little agitated for a couple days. Not sure why. My therapist suggested he see a psychologist and psychiatrist that specialize in treating people with SZ.


That would be good - but very hard to find I suspect, unless you’re in one of the largest cities in the US (e.g. New York or LA).

Right. No we’re in a small town in Oregon but aren’t too far from Portland. We’ve had pretty good success with the doc’s he has. The only part I don’t like is the med changes. It causes a lot of mood swings and episodes for my HB during the transition and total anxiety for me.

I’ve heard of this guy - but have no experience to know if he’s good or not. He is using well-known approaches (CBT for Schizophrenia / Psychosis)

Or review this list:

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Hi @Trixiedb1, could you provide an update on how husband is doing on NAC and sarcosine? Thank you.

It’s definitely helped his negative symptoms as far as mood swings. He doesn’t have a job so he’s still sleeping a lot, which I’m sure is partly medication, but he’s still having trouble self motivating. He’s an artist and has trouble getting inspired on the meds. :confused: I’m hoping to find something to help that besides a med change.
Thanks for checking in. Happy Monday!

Hi. Thank you for the update. My husband is a musician and he continues to use that as a positive outlet. It helps his stress levels. But i have noticed the decline in motivation. I understand how sad it is when they lose motivation to do what you know they love and are very passionate about. I hope the sarcosine will help with that as well as the flat effect caused by clozapine.

My bf is more reasonable when he takes NAC. He still get’s angry and scared but it seems like he doesn’t rage as much. He also started drinking much less. I ask him if it makes him feel better and he says he’s not sure.