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Currently in Sri Lanka, Doctor's Son has Treatment Resistant Schizophrenia - Treatment in Other Country?


From email:

Re: I am a medical doctor from sri Lanka my son diagnosed as treatment resistance schizophrenia i like to know any possible way to send to foreign country to get treatment and rehabilitation pl help me i can spend reasonable money thanks.



In the USA and Canada (the areas I’m most familiar with) Clozapine is the medication most commonly used in cases of treatment resistant schizophrenia. More info here:

ANd I recommend you review the UK Schizophrenia Treatment Guidelines - they are probably the best treatment guidelines in the world:

This might also be of interest:

As far as treatment in another country - as you might suspect, thats complex. First is the issue of travel for someone with schizophrenia. Generally the stress of travel makes things worse - as you can read here:

Then comes the issue of where to go for good treatment - that is most cost-effective for you.

Many people in the USA are now traveling to India for medical treatments because they are much less expensive there - but that is for regular surgeries, etc. - not so much for psychiatric treatments to my knowledge.

If you are from out of country - treatment in most Western / More developed countries would have to take place in a private facility (For Profit) - which is VERY EXPENSIVE - even by Developed country cost standards. By very expensive I mean $10,000 to $20,000 per month, if you can get in. Then there is the added cost of the family member who would have to stay nearby.

Here is a older list of the best psychiatric hospitals in the USA:

Here is the updated list I think:

In the USA, a good example of this type of treatment center is this one:
(this one has an excellent reputation - very wholistic I think - good for an example of a facility with a really good program for comparison sake)

and some Smaller residential programs:


I recommend you review our Schizophrenia News forum to see the latest development in treatments: