Considering Moving to Another Country for Support

I’m sure this is a familiar experience to most here, but I feel I face constant roadblocks when it comes to accessing the level of care and support that I need for my 16 year old son with schizophrenia. My son has drug seeking tendencies and needs constant supervision. I’m a single mom with two other children and no family support. I feel like I’m personally going to lose my job or wind up losing my mind from the constant stress of caregiving and putting out fires (e.g., 2AM ER visits during psychotic episodes, arguments over medication noncompliance, etc.). I work remotely and am strongly considering moving my family from the US to a country like Argentina that has a better healthcare infrastructure and a favorable exchange rate to assist with hiring some much needed help. I don’t even speak Spanish, but learning Spanish seems like it would be an easier feat than trying to navigate the broken medical system here on top of a lack of financial resources to pay for respite care. Has anyone ever done something like this? Am I being irrational due to being at my breaking point, or might seeking care in a more affordable country be worthwhile? I’d love to know if anyone else has ever considered something like this or might even want to tackle such a project with me in the event creating an assisted living group home environment might be more feasible in another part of the world outside of the US. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Argentina is in turmoil, with hyperinflation and political churn, but that is nothing new. If I were in your position, I would consider Costa Rica. It is like the Switzerland of Central America. It is fairly close to the US, there is a large US expat community, English is widely spoken, the cost of living is about 30% less than the US, it has a fairly stable economy and government, and it has one of the best health care systems in the world.

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Thank you. I’m certainly open to options. I’ve also read that Uruguay is stable with excellent healthcare. I’m working on putting together a shortlist of areas where my resources will go further and then will look to hire social workers on upwork from those regions to help me sort out what mental health resources are available. I had also considered Southeast Asia, but my general perception is that the healthcare infrastructure and general perceptions of mental illness are too inadequate in case of an emergency. I want it to be somewhere that will afford the whole family a good quality of life. I also hope that when my son is a bit older that he might be able to live somewhat independently with a bit of assistance from me and hired help. Covering the cost for him to access that support in the states is out of budget, but places with affordable labor and apartment rentals that go for <$500 a month could be feasible for our family. It’s a wild idea, but I worry terribly about him wanting his own independence in a way that will result in homelessness, and that’s such a painful thought to bear, so I’m open to out of the box solutions.

Iit’s not a terrible idea.

But Argentina. Venezuela are not safe. Look at the US State Department.s website for travel alerts:

Also. Check out Mexico City. Not sure about its health care options. But it’s likely to have many good hospitals, doctors.

I hear good things from ex pats who’ve settled there:

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