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My son has a one way ticket to Copenhagen and I need help!

My son has schizophrenia and is currently not on medication due to side effects and him thinking he’s being poisoned . Within 30 days ago he was on business with his wife in the Czech republic and he had a psychotic episode and was hospitalized in a mental institution there for 10 days at this time we had him medically assisted back to the United States but because it was voluntarily that he went into the hospital in the Czech republic he was not hospitalized upon return even though the check doctors felt he should be .

He has been acting paranoid ,suspicious and somewhat delusional but still maintain sleeping ,eating and hygiene he is not suicidal or isn’t threatening to harm anyone . While in the Czech we found out he was planning on staying there and trying to get asylum because the government is trying to control him .

Now he has told his wife and myself that he has purchased a one way ticket to Copenhagen and leaves next Friday All the agencies we have contacted said there’s nothing they can do because They don’t feel he’s sick enough however I’m 99% positive that when he leaves he will have another psychotic episodes and unfortunately it’s going to be in another country .

Does anyone have any ideas or strategies they feel that would benefit us for trying to stop him from taking this trip .any info would be really appreciated thank you

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Wow - that does sound very dangerous and scary. Who knows what could happen one a person gets into a foreign country and is psychotic. Homeless and psychotic in a strange country would be no picnic for anyone.

Here is some reading that might help:

While doctor’s can’t frequently share information with you (due to privacy laws) - they frequently will listen to you and extend a 72 hour hold if a person is psychotic and demonstrating potentially harmful behavior:

read up here:

and more info here:

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Also - you should try calling this organization and tell them your situation and see if they have any ideas to help your son:

703-294-6001 (phone)

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Thank you for your info!

I was afraid my son would get to california where he planned to b with 2 other ill fellows. We are in AR.son, alan,had knee’d cop in back of head when cop threw him down on his back with handcuffs behind him, (also prior to that grabbed my glasses)thought he was CIA DIRECTOR.ALL this when we were trying to get him to court via authorities to get mental commitment.I stopped the caLIFORNIA TRIP BUT INSTEAD HE WENT TO jail x2 over nasty punitive court stuff.we have had too much pain over it all.

He did finally get in trt. program court mandated.but system seems rotten to the core. I pray some universal power will help you to know if you should intervene. I do not know where you are.we are in arkansas USA.I have many times filed petitions for trt. through community mental health clinic state governs

.One has to say strong things to get them into court,arkansas law -1 clause refers to deteriorating mental illness from known history.Find out what you local law says if you are serious about stopping. I have known of numerous people who travel many places quite ill.amazing how some of them get back home. I get very scared & want to control what I can’ retired psych nurse.Our son’s illness began almost 10 yrs. ago. Best regards!

Dear Rinda,

I prayed for your family and hope for the best.

The last time my family member was going to leave and not say where they were going, I asked them to stay and that if they did leave to please come back. I guess I could have added keep in touch and send photos. But they didn’t have a ticket out of the country, which would be unimaginably worrisome.

I think Denmark has a reasonable mental health care system relative to some other nations. I know this would require lots of research, but if my family member did leave for another country or even state, I would try to find agencies there (lots of research) and give family member’s photo and other description, concerns that family member has untreated health problem (I would not mention MI due to stigma), let them know we are here, and want family member to come home.

Also, give your son written copies of all of your contact information in hopes he might carry it with him, plus if he has a phone maybe you are in contacts. Let him know you will be there if he needs anything.

Personally, I would not help with any of the travel plans or logistics. Like no ride to airport or loan of suitcase. Also, I would not send money, but if I could afford it, would buy a requested plane ticket home or figure out how to pay for food or even a place to stay without sending money directly to family member. Lots of work and if you don’t have the money, you don’t.

If son chooses to travel, invite him to dinner the night before he leaves. As you would before anyone you love leaves on a long trip, give him the big hug (if he will let you) and tell him how much you love him and can’t wait to see him when he comes home. (A tourist can only stay in Denmark 90 days without a Visa.)

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Thank you so much for the prayers and information. Since I posted this we (his wife and I) have managed to convince him to purchase a return ticket and followed your suggestions about keeping our contact information in his wallet! It breaks my heart to see him go cause I feel it will put him into an episode. However at this point because he is not suicidal or not wanting to harm anyone there is nothing we can do.he has agreed that if several days go by and we don’t hear from him we are aloud to call the Denmark authorities. I’ve turned it over now and praying that everyone he meets along this journey is something that was sent from above to guide him into reality. Thanks again