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Daughter in Hospital Again

My daughter is back in the hospital. She’s not doing well at all, extremely hostile towards me.

I’m going to try to talk to her psychiatrist and ask him what he thinks about monthly shots for her psychosis.

One good thing when’s she’s in the hospital - the house is stress free and I can actually get things done.

Feel good right now but as soon as she comes home I feel like there are huge darks clouds over our house.


@Molly, I am definitely having a sick at heart kind of day, and also feeling how tired I am of dealing with this. It does not feel right that I should find myself so often walking on eggshells around my adult son. It is just so tiring to remain hyper-vigilant at all times. Of course its worse for him… but… maybe we are entitled to a self-pity party every now and then.


I’m very sorry to hear that she’s back in there, hopefully she becomes more serene and cooperative once she gets out. I think the monthly shots are a good idea.

I know exactly how that feels. hugs


@Molly My daughter is on her second injectable medication. First one was risperdal consta. It was working well except for leg twitching and loss of periods. We went through 4 more oral medications , now she is two weeks into invega injections. So far I think the injections have kept her more stable in her moods, but she still has delusions. She believes she owns businesses all over the world, and runs them in her mind all day. Today she got her second shot, then got groceries, which she enjoys. It is now one hour earlier than her normal bedtime…She said after her shot she feels useless to run her business. :disappointed_relieved: Like you it is a nice hour or two for myself, but our MH…team objective is to get rid of the delusions. I’m not sure what we will have then. However yes, injectables are worth trying. Next week her Dr will add something like lithium.


I was told by a nurse practitioner that once my daughter starts on injections she will have to take oral medication for at least 3 months and I assume that the injections are then at a therapeutic level then or maybe in case the injections doesn’t work out. I’m not sure. I hope the injections will work for your daughter. Medication is so tricky.


Vallpen, how do you deal with your son when he’s not feeling well. You described it as walking on eggshells. I totally agree – I have to be so careful what I say because she may misinterpret. As parents we can’t give up on our children even though they cause so much stress and heartache.


Thank you Doctor. I appreciate your support and kindness.


My son took his first Invega injection two days ago and he should be coming home from the hospital soon if they feel it’s working.

They have not said anything about him needing to take the pills anymore.

Is the oral medication more Invega? Because I went to a support group tonight for parents and at least 4 people had family members taking the Invega shot. I asked them to tell me about their experiences with startups, and no one said anything about continuing the oral meds.

Everyone’s different, so I’m not trying to say they gave your wrong information, just trying to understand a little bit just in case my son needs more than the shot gives him.

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I have no idea Slw about taking the pills for 3 months while on injections. A nurse told me at Kaiser. I’ll have to speak with my daughter’s doctor about it and I’ll let you know.

She is coming home in about 5 days and an appointment has been set up to see her Pdoc. From now on I promised her caseworker and doc that I would drive my daughter to all her appointments if they coordinate the times. I learned that my daughter has a lot of fears on taking public transportation for her appointment. It feels too loud for her and she thinks everyone is talking about her. The paranoia is very real and scary for her.

By the way did you read the recent piece on schizo-affective disorder on It’s excellent. After so many years I’m still learning about the disease.

Anytime, I really do hope she recovers soon.

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I did read it - it was very informative.

Public transportation is not an option where we live, but I don’t think my son could do that either. Sometimes, when he’s really ill, it’s hard for him to even be in our car if we’re in traffic or a parking lot where other people are around. He’ll either slouch down in the seat with his hoodie up or he’ll go lay down in the back seat.

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The injections do not become available in the body for at least 5-6 days, so oral medication should continue for at least that long.

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@Molly, it is very hard dealing with the aggressive speech and accusations. I try to approach him every day with a smile. I avoid confronting his delusions, just show sympathy for the distress he feels. Mostly I succeed, but sometimes my patience just runs out.

This morning I made the decision as his guardian to have him admitted to the psych hospital. He had managed to hurt his back while swinging a chair at something, so… at least even he can see he was potentially a danger to himself. And he was breaking stuff - not just his own property, but also a door in the house. And he was making threats to hurt others. Mostly general talk, not naming anyone specifically, but - at this point, I just felt he was going to continue to escalate.

I will drop off some clothes for him later. Tomorrow, my husband is scheduled for surgery, so I won’t see my son tomorrow, but he is angry enough, it probably is just as well. I have learned to use a hospitalization to regroup.


Boy, can I relate to that. My stress was so low when my son was in the hospital compared to when he was home. Hoping it goes well for your, Molly. Hugs.


Sorry to hear, Vallpen. I have those days more than I’d like. It’s so much work and for some reason seems to always be on “one” person to see that everything goes well and gets done. If only…

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My son came home from the hospital on the shot but also taking oral meds of Zyprexa and an anti-seizure med. He eventually came off both of those (after several months) and went on 10 mg of Abilify. It helped with his mood a lot. But if he forgets the Abilify (I usually remind him if I see he hasn’t taken it) or refuses (so far he hasn’t) then he has the shot in him. It’s been sense May since my son started the Invega Sustenna and I’m still seeing improvements. Good luck.


Sorry to hear about the setback. Sounds like you made a good call by admitting him. It’s so hard, isn’t it? Hugs…

I’m so sorry that you both are going through it again. I can understand the relief and peace of not having her in the house-I felt the same way when my husband was in the hospital 2 weeks ago. And the anxiety of what to expect when he got out. Don’t give up-I was worried too and expected the worse when he came out. You just never know-something can resonate with them this time/anytime and the change in their mindset about being compliant with treatment for no reason can happen. I hope she goes for the monthly shot. My husband is doing very well - he likes it better than the pills. He’s taking Ambilify shots-says the side effects are minimal if any. I had heard the shots had that advantage plus people are more likely to stick with that type of treatment.

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Thanks Vallpen. I don’t want my daughter to take more medication than is needed. The nurse I spoke with on the phone at Kaiser about the shots and told me my daughter would have to continue taking oral for 3 months sounded very aggressive and almost mean. I just thought she is having a bad day and didn’t think about it further.

My daughter’s aggressiveness and hostility is very challenging and her hospitalization gives me a chance to regroup and organize my home… I’m glad you are getting a reprieve while your son is safe and in the hospital. Hope all goes well with your husband’s surgery.

Thanks JulieAnn, your post gave me hope that the shots will help my daughter. I’m just so grateful that my daughter is getting help now and praying that shots will help her with her paranoia and aggression.

All of you on this forum are a Godsend

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