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Daughter to get ECT next week


Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

Nothing works, Doc declared today that she has tried every med available over extended periods of time to no avail. Now that she has been clean from heroin for 6 months…


I believe this helped a friends daughter with her depression. I hope it helps your daughter. I’m sure it’s a bit scary.


I hope it helps your daughter feel better.


She might agree to a video interview after,


I hope it helps…keep us posted!


I hope she has a great outcome :rose:


I hope this helps, we keep hearing good things in group, but nothing first hand has shown up yet.


Its so not like it used to be…

I have heard good things are rTMS - repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation as a treatment for schizophrenia. But I would agree to ECT as an option too, if I thought it might help.


It changed my sons life- he has or had one of the worst cases of schizophrenia the doctors had dealt with- basically was medicine resistant- with ECT and a brilliant doctor he has been out of the hospital now for over 6 years- just in the last month his voices are almost gone. He will turn 30 in a week or so- now the next challenge is he is now more lonely without the voices- but so grateful. Before ECT doctors were considering having him put in a state hospital , complete lockdown- not because he was violent, just could not get his symptoms under control…best of luck- I believe ECT can be a life saver.


My daughter goes in tomorrow…


I hope this is helpful. I will be praying for a good outcome for her. I’m sure you’re anxious, as I certainly would be.


Good luck GSSP! I hope this works for your daughter!


She is admitted now, first shock probably tomorrow, the whole thing could last 3 weeks…


I’m glad they’re keeping her inpatient for this, I’m sure it decreases some of the anxiety.


We will all be waiting to hear how it works out.


I really hope this works out too. Anecdotally, I have heard good things about contemporary ECT.


First shock done, will repeat every Mon, Wed, Fri till it works… 3 weeks maybe…


Wow. That seems like a lot. I hope she tolerates it well.


My son was in deep depression with his schizoaffective disorder, nothing was working, but God sent a seizure , just one and that was the turning point. The ECT used today is not like that featured in the movies, and done safely can turn a persons depression around. Looking back on my son’s seizure and the after visit with his doctor she commented “ that was your own personal ECT” , all I can say is God works in mysterious ways. Praying for your family


The son of one of the other members of the NAMI group I have attended attempted suicide multiple times, and one attempt left him in a coma. They had reached the point of making the decision to remove life support, which they did. But instead of passing, he came out of the coma, symptom-free (tho with other complications). He remained without symptoms for a couple of years.