Family and Caregiver Schizophrenia Discussion Forum

Dear Family and Friends of Loved Ones suffering Schizophrenia

Hi, I’m new to these forums, but I thought I might introduce myself in case someone out there might benefit today.

I have suffered psychosis before—several times, in fact. It was kind of scary, because I was not in control of what was happening to me.

I did not know how to get out of it.

It was like resigning to a very powerful enemy I did not understand, or have the strength to fend for myself.

One year I was in an outpatient program where we were taught CBT skills. And today, as I’ve been reading through positive forums, I’ve learned a few things.

First of all, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is all for the discovery of our own inner assumptions about ourselves, others, or the world around us—often these assumptions are called “core beliefs” and many times they are actually things that are not true but are lies that we have believed about ourselves—in this case we call them “false beliefs” for this reason.

Well, today, and I hesitate as I am about to press on into the meat of my topic, but I ran across some posts from a forum member named AbAt and I have to say that his information was very helpful to me even though I think it came across as hard to understand due to linguistic challenges, and perhaps he also was strong in his position—though I think for good reasons.

Now, this is the meat of my topic, and it is my prayer that the topic is helpful. Have you ever heard the parable that the Lord Jesus Christ gave to his disciples about the Wheat and the Tares? Well, in it, He describes that God came to plant Wheat in His field, and in the night an enemy snuck around and planted tares (or weeds). It is hard to hear sometimes, that there is an unseen and sneaky enemy. But who else but the enemy would ever tell lies?

We are beautiful creatures as people, the only reason we would ever believe lies is because someone we thought we could trust lies to us.

I want to share something about thoughts, that I’ve learned today. It is, that when we think, there is a physical pathway created in our minds. In our actual brain, these things are recorded. So too with the things we hear, see, and feel. And with the beliefs we hold.

So, what if I listen to—or lend my ear to believe—anything that may be spoken to me, regardless of who is telling it? This too creates a pathway, and if it is a lie, I have also myself created an inroad for the one lying to influence my behavior because by lending my ear, I have given him credibility.

How devastating, henceforth, how can I decipher one’s voice who loves me? After all, I have allowed a liar to begin telling me stories about those who love me. And I no longer trust or believe them.

Lies don’t come from nowhere. They come from a liar. They don’t even originate out of our imaginations firstly, but come only after having given entrance to the voice of the liar.

The reason I am introducing this topic, is to help others understand that while those of us who “have” schizophrenia may hear “voices”, these are not unlike the every-day things one “without” schizophrenia may have to deal with.

It seems to me, and I can just speak for myself, but it seems to me that those of us who “have” schizophrenia are yet to learn to equip themselves against liars. I’m not speaking of fighting, but of a spiritual battle for our soul to be at rest and at peace.

Somehow a growing number of people are experiencing many forms of illness, whether in their soul (which is, the mind) or in their bodies. And some people are spiritually sick–this accounts for evil people who truly do wicked things.

What accounts for this evil? Where does it come from? To me, Jehovah’s own words say “an enemy planted it” – an enemy who does not want to be found out, who hides undetected, in the spiritual realm. He loves it when he gets people who do not know how to defend themselves, people who will believe anything because there is no solid footing for their feet to grip so that they could stand against him. He weakens them with enticing things that harm their bodies, things that “open their eyes” (as in what happened when Adam and Eve ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) to things they are ill-equipped for, and cannot understand without Jehovah–who would have led them perfectly and safely had they stayed with him where they were loved and where they belonged. :blue_heart:

We do stupid things – we do crazy things – because we are weak without Him. And we cannot stand without something solid under our feet.