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Delusions - CIA, Aliens, The Neighbor, Something in the Walls

I was reading a post about a loved one who believed that CIA are watching, thought it could make for an interesting topic.
As you all may know my son was never diagnosed and is currently serving a forensic commitment in a state hospital.
Shortly after his accident while he was recovering, my son Lou often spoke about the CIA. He was sure they were in his car reading and swaping notebooks that he would leave for them. They were in his house when he was at work. This one guy used to catch the bus located across the street and Lou was certain he was CIA. He used to take pictures and make notations about him.
When I asked my son why he thought he was being watched, his response was “they watch and know everything about everybody”. I often wondered if this was a symptom from his auto accident? (he suffered a severe TBI) His behavior seemed to revolve around the CIA.
Many times while we were in the hospitals, I would ask for psychiatric evaluations, what I didn’t understand is that I was not allowed to know what was going on, the docs were all so vague while being compassionate and concerned. I still wonder is this a symptom from the TBI or was he experiencing some delusions prior to the accident. So I’m left to guessing he was probably having some issues.
Maybe you would like to share your story about your loved ones.
take care, AnnieNorCal
p.s. I also suffer from a sleep disorder, I find myself on site reading alot. Shalom
One reason I think Lou may have been having delusions post accident is because of all evidence I found at his home. He had many notebooks and other strange habits that were not normal activity. the many sets of new door knobs and locks that he changed often. Cases of eggs left everywhere in his home, in th fridge on the counters in his car, you will have to imagine the ordorifous smell. His house was completely trashed with garbage. it took me several visits to his home with his father, cleaning up the absolute stench. not a healthy site.


These are all very common subjects of delusions and not necessarily limited to delusions caused by schizophrenia. One of my family members (who does not have mental illness) had a TBI and this resulted in many unusual beliefs and interactions.


I have felt strongly that this schizophrenia IS a TBI. Best wishes to you and your son,

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My son when not on meds would get delusional and similar to what your son is seeing. Six years now and he has accepted his schizophrenia, takes his medication, and goes for counselling and sees the psych doctor once a month. It is up to your son, if he wants you to know what’s going on. One day at a time…