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Am I going crazy?

Sometimes when my fiancé talks to me about his fears, he is very calm and expresses his fears about the military being after him or me. Sometimes it’s hard to remember he’s sick and sometimes I actually wonder if there is a bit of truth to what he’s saying. It scares me sometimes. And he seems so rational that it’s hard to not believe him. I’m scared for him. This is awful. He thinks they’re going to chop off his manhood. My heart hurts for him

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I found with my daughter’s psychosis during her unmedicated years that she was sort of cyclically lucid / delusional / lucid /delusional. There was often a bit of truth in what she said, sometimes more than a bit, but mixed in were things that were very hard to believe sometimes. Once she called the police to report her step father for sexually abusing her, and the investigation lasted for quite a few weeks until the detective realized it was delusional. There was a year of regular police visits as she would call 911 herself many times, or he would call on her, or I would call on both of them while they were arguing, or the neighbors would call when it got loud. Often all parties seemed calm and sane when the police did come: cyclical psychosis I called it. After awhile, I was known as “the sane one” by the officers, who got to know our house well. But I sometimes doubted myself and the decisions I made and the actions I took.

No, you are not going crazy, but you might feel like it at times trying to sort the truth from the delusions and hallucinations.


I can understand how you feel. My son is delusional and he was telling me what he was hearing from one of his neighbors. He was so upset I brought him to my apartment. Shortly after he arrived he began telling me a similar story about my neighbor. I just could not believe it could be happening in two different places. But I’m still a bit creeped out by my neighbor since he related what he thought was happening there.
I’m encouraging him to contact his Dr to tell them that he is still hearing things and might need an increase on his meds or an additional med. I’m praying they can find something to help him. He alternates between sobbing over the voices he cant drown out, to screaming at me for my lack of empathy or belief that it’s real.

Hi @Debbie_Miller and welcome to this forum. It is a safe place to read what advice / experiences others have posted, and a way to ask questions from others who understand the odd phases of life involved in caregiving to those with schizophrenia. Changing locations never helped my daughter’s delusions / hallucinations. They followed her.