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Demonic Involvement


I have something to report that may be a little “out” there, but I think it bears posting. My son, 18, revealed to me last week that when he was 14 or 15, he was involved in satanic rituals that included drinking blood. I am a Christian and he was raised in our church where my husband played on the worship team, so this was a startling, surprising revelation. I knew that I should consult our pastor to see how to deal with this. We met with him last Saturday and he confirmed that there were multiple demons inhabiting my son. It is his belief that if my son was delivered from these demons, his schizophrenia would subside. (Side note: my son had early onset at age 7, well before his satanic involvement.) I won’t go into all the details, but my son immediately felt better, has had much less anxiety, but still feels there may be another demon. I realize some of you may not be Christians or think this is a bunch of nonsense, however, if you had seen the removal of the demons, you might think otherwise. I mention this because, as we all know, this world has become an increasingly darker place. Teenagers are very suspectible to peer pressure and involvement in things that we likely would not have gotten involved in when we were their age. I put it out there on the slim chance that perhaps one of your children may have, in their past, had some satanic involvement that could be causing some of their present problems. I am hopeful that my son’s improved prognosis will continue. We may have to visit our pastor again. If anyone has questions, please let me know.


I have a friend that has schizoaffective bipolar who had been involved in the occult at the time of the onset of his illness. He is a Christian (as I am) and he believes in both a spiritual and a chemical inbalance aspect of his illness…
He is in a good spot right now and he contributes both his faith and medication for this. He has written a blog on his experiences and it is interesting reading:


Glad to hear something helped your son. I had a few psychics look into my son. One said he had messed up neurotransmitters (which was right). The other said he had made an agreement with some beings to help him with some funky energy he picked up from his Dad. The psychic told the beings to go away. 2 weeks later I put my son in the hospital.

It would have been interesting to see the change in your son. I am glad to hear this is helping.


I am interested to connect with this pastor to consult with him about my son. I am willing to explore anything that can help my son to get better and get rid of this illness. Please provide the pastor contact information if possible.


Jarca2016 - I would think you would need a pastor local to you wherever you may be. Our pastor annointed my son with oil and took his hands while doing this process. It’s very much a hands-on process. Are you presently attending a church? If not, I would think any non-denominational Christian church or Penecostal church would be happy to assist you and your son. Have you asked your son if this is something he was ever involved in? I think that would be a good starting place. My son and I are very close, so he felt comfortable sharing this with me. He knew I wouldn’t judge him over his choices. I understanding your desperation to find your son help, regardless of where that may be. I think all of us feel that way. Wishing you the best of luck. Please update with what you find out.