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Religious hallucinations

Hi, my son’s dad had a severe episode of hallucinations on Friday I had to contact 911 and he was admitted to inpatient mental health unit at the hospital. He has been off his medication for over a year and has been struggling ever since. How long will it take roughly to get back on medication. His family also is upset that I contacted the police for assistance with him. He is the father of my child and I worry about his well being. Is there any programs that help with him finding suitable housing and employment because I guess his family doesn’t want him to go back to their residence. I guess they all left when his hallucinations became severe. I was unaware until I actually visit with him. He was having religious hallucinations and he has never done this since I have known him for me it was something new and I was concerned. Does this get better with medication or is this going to be something that will continue regardless of any treatment? Does anyone have any experience they could share so I can better understand what is going on?


From what I’ve learned since my sons struggle in the last three years, if/when he goes back on medication and stays on it, he will be better. Better than not on meds but no one can say what that actually means. Have you seen him at all during the year he was off his meds? What is your experience with him since this began?

Good luck. You will want to learn all you can if your son will be around his dad. How old is your son? Sorry about all the questions. It feels easier to help if I know more of the story. I sincerely wish you well!


I’m sorry that you had to go through this with little support. Medicines does help but is not 100% for some people. The longer they have been off medication sometimes the longer it takes to get them back. Having said that, every one is different. I hope the best for you all.


oHi my daughter has schzio-affective disorder and she has the religious disorder and when she has to go in the hospital she usually always go in the intensive care side for a least three weeks and than to the regular part for another 2 weeks still in mental health area .The last time after she got out they put her in a safe bed.I heard they can only keep them for a month in the hospital.My daughter is on disability and cannot hold down a full time job stress is the last thing they need with this disorder.My daughter has a little part time job but it is through the mental health a few hrs.a week any more will set her back .She will start to hear voices.and may put her back into a religious hallucinations.Getting the right meds sure made a big difference in her lifeBut everyone one is different what works for one may not work for others.